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Student Life Programs And Services - St. George Campus

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Peer Mentorship Programs

Mentorship is a relationship between two or more people designed to foster growth and development. At the University of Toronto, we have many peer mentorship programs that help students:

  • Develop academic skills
  • Navigate the University - especially for commuter students
  • Build community and provide leadership opportunities

Many of the programs are designed to support students transitioning in to the University, though some are open to upper-year students as well. For upper-year students looking for programs supporting your transition out of University, there are many alumni and career development programs to explore.

Explore Peer Mentorship Programs


Programs for St. George students

Academic Bridging Mentorship Program

Woodsworth College, Faculty of Arts and Science
The Academic Bridging Mentorship Program is for students coming from the Woodsworth College Academic Bridging Program and going in to full or part-time studies. Students are matched with a mentor to provide one-on-one mentorship and the Woodsworth College Dean's Office holds events specifically for participants of this program. Learn more about the Academic Bridging Mentorship Program  


The First in the Family Peer-Mentor Program
Division of Student Life

The program is designed to support the academic success of first-generation students in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Students eligible for the program include first year, second year (and upper year) students whose parents did not attend post-secondary studies in Canada. We support students through academic workshops, course-specific learning groups, co-curricular workshops, peer mentoring, one-on-one learning support with a Learning Skills Counsellor and on and off-campus social events. Learn more about First in the Family

The First-Year Learning Communities (FLC)
Faculty of Arts and Science

The First-Year Learning Communities (FLC) Program in the Faculty of Arts and Science is designed to improve the transitional experience for first-year students. A FLC is a group of 24-30 students in the same area of study, who will be enrolled in some of the same core courses and will meet regularly outside of class time for useful and fun activities. Learn more about FLC

FYRST (First Year Resident's Success in Transition) Program
Chestnut Residence

FYRST mentors are geared towards the first-year student population at Chestnut that sign up for the program (students from all faculties). Mentor facilitate small group sessions around issues of transition and adjusting to life at the University. Mentors alos work with Residence Dons to organize educational programs on topics such as healthy living, test taking skills,  and getting a summer job. Learn more about the FYRST program at Chestnut

iConnect International Mentoring Program
Centre for International Experience

The iConnect International Mentorship Program assists new U of T international students in their academic and cultural transition to University, to Toronto and to Canada. This student-led mentorship program runs workshops and social events for new students to meet others in a welcoming community. This program is available to degree-seeking students on the St. George campus only.

For opportunities for exchange students, please see the Exchange Students' Network or students at UTM and UTSC, please check out our other international mentorship programs.


Student Parents Peer Support
Family Care Office

This program is geared to students with family responsibilities, and we usually get requests from first year students, sometimes from prospective students, or even students who have been at U of T for a while and are expecting during the course of their studies. Learn more about the Student Parents Peer Support program

Ulead Mentorship Program
Office of Student Life

The Ulead Mentorship Program captures the informal mentorship occuring in campus clubs and organizations at the University of Toronto in a semi-formal, semi-structured way. Learn more about the Ulead Mentorship program

University College Commuter and Off-Campus Mentorship Program (COMP)
University College
The Commuter & Off Campus Mentorship Program (COMP) matches two upper-year (second year and above) co-mentors with a group of 8 to 10 mentees (incoming first-year students). Learn more about COMP

Woodsworth First-Year Mentorship Program
Woodsworth College

The First Year Mentorship Program offered through Woodsworth College is for Woodsworth College students only. Students are matched one-on-one with an upper year student and meet with their mentor once a week. In addition the Woodsworth College Dean's Office holds events (academic and social) specifically for participants of this program. Learn more about the WDW First-Year Mentorship Program

Faculty of Law - Peer-Mentorship Program
Faculty of Law

Upper-year law students are paired with first year law students to provide support and advice about adjusting to the law school. Learn more about the Faculty of Law - Peer-Mentorship Program

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Programs for International Students

iConnect Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program
Centre for International Experience

The I-Connect Mentorship Program is a mentorship program open to both undergraduate and graduate interantional and exchange students at the University of Toronto. Its mission is to assist mentees in their cultural transition to University, to Toronto and to Canada; to provide the opportunity for students to share experiences through cultural exchange; and to learn to develop skills for academic, social and employment success. Learn more about the iConnect program

International Student Ambassador Program
Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

The International Student Ambassador Program is designed to help ease the transition for first-year international students into U of T Engineering. Students in this Program will be able to make connections with current students, staff, and resources as they explore all that U of T and the City of Toronto have to offer. Learn more about the International Student Ambassador Program

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Programs for UTM students


UTM, Student Affairs

The genONE program offers first-year, first generation students support transitioning into university. Students attend social and academic programming led by upper-year students to enhance their academic success. The program consists of weekly seminars, peer-assisted study sessions, and peer and community mentoring. In addition, there is a capstone project through which students connect with faculty or industry professionals. Learn more about genONE


UTM, Academic Dean
We are a first-year transitional program at UTM. We offer a 10-week, interactive, seminar style series of course sessions run by senior level student mentors. We also require that students participate in a certain number of programs/events offered on campus to encourge a greater level of campus engagement earlier in their university career. Learn more about utmONE

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Programs for UTSC students

First-Year Experience Program

UTSC, Department of Student Life

In this program, incoming first-year students are matched with an upper-year student mentor in their academic program in August, and mentors meet with mentees on a weekly basis. By participating in this peer mentorship program, first year students will develop self-awareness and self-esteem to facilitate your transition into the university and explore and make positive choices that will shape their academics and social inclusion. Learn more about the First-Year Experience Program

Mentors in Co-op (MiC Program)

UTSC, Management Co-op Programs
We ensure that entrants into the management co-op program are well informed about the program while creating and fostering long-lasting bonds between them and senior students. We also strive to build critical skills in their academic lives, which will transfer and benefit these individuals in future careers. Learn more about Mentors in Co-op

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Our list is not yet complete. If you are a coordinator of a mentorship program and you would like your opportunity listed here, please contact us.