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Being the first in your family to pursue post-secondary education (a first-generation student) is something to be proud of!  First generation students are building their own legacy, and the First in the Family program at U of T is here to support them in their endeavours.

Join an inclusive academic community and gain access to resources and support through the First in the Family Mentorship Program.


What Does "First Generation" Mean?

- If your parents or guardian(s) did not complete post-secondary   
  education, you are a first-generation student 
- If your parents attended post-secondary education outside of
  Canada, you are still eligible for this program
- If your sibling(s) attended post-secondary institutions, but your
  parents or guardian(s) did not, you are still considered first



Interested in joining the program in 2015-2016?

Registration will be open soon.


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Mentors in 2015/2016

Profiles of our 2015/2016 mentors will be coming soon.


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The First in the Family Mentorship Program
Academic Success Centre, 214 College Street, Main Floor
Facebook: First in the Family
Twitter: @UofTFirstGen

Our Partners

The St. George First in the Family mentoring program is part of the tri-campus First Generation Retention and Success Project, an initiative funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. In addition to our partners at Student Affairs and Services at UTM, the Office of Student Affairs at UTSC, and the Colleges on the St. George campus, the program is a collaborative initiative between the Division of Student Life Programs and Services, and the Faculty of Arts.

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