Learn more about workplace accommodation and accessibility

Have questions about workplace accommodation and accessibility? Watch Chapter 1 of the Career Exploration & Education’s new video series, "Asking for a disability-related accommodation,” to learn about your rights and responsibilities. 

15th March 2018
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Submit registration package by Mar. 1

In order to receive academic accommodations for the April exam period, students must submit completed registration packages to Accessibility Services by March 1, 2018. Requests after this date will be considered on an exceptional case by case basis.

1st March 2018
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Appointment cancellations

Accessibility Services will be cancelling all drop-in sessions and appointments on Jan. 30, Feb. 5 & 16, and Mar. 8 & 9 in order to assist students seeking to register at Accessibility Services. We apologize for any inconvenience.

30th January 2018

Event Highlights

Transition Day

Transition Day is a day-long event for high school teachers, counsellors, students & familieis, focusing on the transition to university for students with disabilities. Join us to learn about accommodations and how they are implemented, student support services available, assessment and common transition challenges students face. Details & registration. 

22nd March 2018
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Access Us Weekly Sessions

Join Access Us Tuesdays 2-4 pm (CIE Baldwin Room) and Thursdays 1-3 pm (Accessibility Services Boardroom), for weekly study cafes and workshops, with a community of peers!

16th January 2018

Volunteer as a Note-taker

Volunteer note-takers provide an important accommodation support by helping fellow students registered with Accessibility Services achieve academic success. You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation upon the completion of the term, upon request.  Why not volunteer?




Images in slideshow and this showcase by Michelle Gibson Photography.

Two volunteer note-takers