Meet the people who can help you navigate the university and meet the challenges you face every day

If you are unsure about where to start, we have really great staff who can answer your questions and direct you to the support you deserve.  Send all general questions to:

Connect with your Disability Counsellor, Learning Strategist and/or Adaptive Technologist and find ways to customize your learning experience to suit your unique needs.

For questions related to university wide or broad procedural concerns, contact Tanya Lewis, Director at

Disability Counsellors, Learning Strategists & the Adaptive Technologist

You can meet with a Disability Counsellor, Learning Strategist or the Adaptive Technologist on campus during drop-in hours.

Your intake interview and next steps

We look forward to meeting with you discuss the impact your disability has upon learning, to understand what strategies you use and to introduce you to the services we provide.

Learn about the intake interview and next steps .

How to contact your Disability Counsellor

There are a few different ways to contact your Disability Counsellor depending on your specific needs.


Working with your Disability Counsellor

You and your Disability Counsellor will collaborate in developing your accommodations. 

Learning Strategists

Your Disability Counsellor may recommend you meet with a Learning Strategist to:

  • Identify the impact of your disability upon your learning.
  • Develop strategies (reading, writing, time management) to help you achieve your academic goals.

You can access additional academic support through the Academic Success Centre.

learning strategist