Some employers are looking for a standard resumé or CV and cover letter, while others may invite you for an interview based on your LinkedIn profile, video or infographic resumé. Talk to people working in your field to find out what will get you through the employer’s door.


Most employers will spend 10-20 seconds reviewing a resumé. They will take a closer look if you’ve articulated that you have the skills and abilities to do the job. Include experience gained through work-study positions, internships, part-time and volunteer positions.


Resumés/CVs for graduate school and research

Undergraduate students applying for research positions, graduate/professional programs, or for scholarships or bursaries should use a modified resumé format. This format incorporates most of the headings found in a resumé plus research interests, experience and academic achievements.  Attend our workshop, ‘Resumés/CVs for Grad School’ to learn more.


Academic CVs

Graduate students who have completed their master's or doctoral program and are applying for academic positions need an academic CV. In an academic CV you should highlight your academic achievements, publications, scholarly interests, and skills. Take a look at the document section for tips on creating an Academic CV + Cover Letter.  

Cover letters

Your cover letter is not simply a repetition of your resumé or CV. Use it to highlight connections between how your degree or experiences relate to the position, and to tell an employer how you’ll be a good fit for the job and what you know about their organization. Research the labour market to understand the organization’s needs and requirements, and determine whether the job and the workplace are a good fit for you.


Resumé Workbook & Toolkit

Get detailed information about creating resumés and cover letters to get you started. Download the resumé workbook and/or toolkit in the column to the right.


Need extra help?

For the latest tips on writing resumés and cover letters, download one of our online guides.

You can also sign up for a Resumé and Cover Letter workshop here at Career Exploration & Education. After that, book a Resumé Ready appointment with a career peer advisor if you need extra assistance.