The Temporary Resident Visa (Entry Visa) is a stamp placed on your passport that allows you to enter Canada. Upon entry to Canada you also need to have a valid Study Permit if you are a student, or a valid Work Permit if you have finished your studies and hold a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Whether you need an Entry Visa depends on your country of citizenship. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website has a list of countries whose citizens are required to have an Entry Visa for Canada.

In most cases your Entry Visa will have the same expiry date as your Study Permit. If you don’t finish your program of study before the expiry date of your Study Permit, you will need to extend your Study Permit before extending your Entry Visa.

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Processing time Temporary Resident Visa (Entry Visa) processing time
Renewal Renewing your Temporary Resident Visa (Entry Visa)
Expired visa Returning from the USA with an expired Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (Entry Visa)

Processing time

The processing time for your Entry Visa will depend on the workload of the office at which the application has been submitted. Many other cases have a higher priority than visitors (e.g., refugees, family sponsored immigrants, etc.), so this process may take longer than you would expect.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website lists Entry Visa processing times by country.


Your Entry Visa may expire while you are in Canada. This is fine, as long as your Study Permit is still valid. If you plan to travel outside of Canada, it is possible to renew your Entry Visa at any Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate while abroad. However, it is always easier, safer and faster to renew your Entry Visa from within Canada prior to traveling.

To renew your Entry Visa you will need a Confirmation of Enrollment letter from your registrar’s office, and proof of funds for your studies and stay in Canada. If you submit a paper application you will need to send your passport and all the other required documents. If you apply online, you will be asked to send your passport after your application is approved. We strongly recommend that you send your passport using registered mail and include a prepaid registered mail envelope with your return address.

Returning from the USA with an expired Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (Entry Visa)

International students who hold an expired Entry Visa may be allowed back into Canada if they travel only to the United States.  You may be allowed to re-enter Canada with an expired visa if you meet the following conditions:

  •  You hold a valid Study Permit
  •  You return directly to Canada from the USA without having travelled to any other country during that trip

To facilitate your re-entry, we strongly recommended that you take the following documents with you:

  •  An updated letter of enrolment from your registrar’s office
  •  Proof of Finances (bank statements, scholarship letters)