The Global Lounge Staff organize various events, initiatives and programming to provide meaningful opportunities for international and domestic students—to engage students over the orientation period, and to facilitate global learning and internationalization on campus throughout the year.

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CIE Events & Programming Social, cultural, language learning related, workshops to support and engage students
Photo Contest CIE Annual Photography Contest 2019

CIE Events and Programming

CIE events and programming (social, cultural, language learning related, workshops, etc.) are organized to support and engage students.

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CIE Annual Photography Contest 2019

Are you currently studying abroad or have you recently returned from exchange? Are you an international or exchange student studying at U of T?

You are invited to take part in CIE’s “What’s Your Story?” Photography Contest! Submit your personal photographs of your experiences abroad by the February 17, 2019 deadline, then invite all of your friends and family to vote. Winners will be announced on the last day of the exhibition and prizes will be awarded.