They say every journey begins with a single step. Your Outbound Exchange may involve a little more paperwork, but we can help you build your adventure in just 6 steps! 

Step 1: Choose your opportunity

Use the CIE International Opportunities search tool to discover all of our partner institutions around the world! Whatever your academic program and interests, the CIE has an opportunity that will fit your needs. Programs vary from a few weeks long to as much as a full year.

  • Exchange is U of T's traditional program for students looking to go abroad, offering 140 + partner institutions in 40+ countries.
  • Research opportunities combine laboratory research experience with travel abroad. Give your academic career an edge – work in a foreign lab, learn new research techniques, and network with professors and graduate students from universities around the world.
  • Joint Minor programs allow you to complete part of a specialized minor in Chemistry, Ecology and Environmental Biology or Geography at National University of Singapore.

Unsure where you want to go? Our Ponder before you wander page can help you think through and plan your exchange experience.


Step 2: Research your credits

Before you go on an exchange, you need to understand whether you are eligible for academic credit for your course work abroad. Procedures for credit approval vary by academic faculty and program.

Read about getting credit, and use the Transfer Explorer tool to view credit equivalences.

At this stage you should also confirm your eligibility.


Step 3: Create a budget and get funding

When you go on exchange, you pay your tuition and most of your incidental fees to U of T but attend classes at one of our partner institutions abroad. You will be responsible for the cost of your exchange, but there are many funding options available.

You should also think carefully about the various costs that you will be responsible for – this will help you create a practical budget.


Step 4: Apply online

Read about how to apply, and then apply online through the CIE Student Portal.

Make sure to complete your application on time! Application deadlines vary by program.


Step 5: Prepare to go

To stay safe while you are abroad, you'll need to complete a number of mandatory requirements before you go.


Step 6: Return home

Read about your responsibilities and benefits when returning home after an exchange.

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