Eligibility and application

The exchange program is open to all international students nominated from our partner institutions who meet the English language requirements, as well as other criteria depending on faculty and program. You must first be nominated by your home institution. You cannot apply to us directly. Please contact the exchange office at your home institution for details regarding application procedures and deadlines. Find out more about inbound exchange eligibility and application.

Academic options and restrictions

You have a number of academic options as an exchange student at University of Toronto. Consider the following academic options for your exchange.

Course registration is confirmed after you are admitted to University of Toronto. For specific questions about courses, see the Academic Options and Restrictions Section for full details.

Course enrolment

Once you have been accepted as an exchange student at the University of Toronto, the Centre for International Experience (CIE) will send an information package to the institutional email address you provided in the online application form. This email will contain information and instructions on how to pick your courses. Please do not send your course requests or questions related to courses to our office until you have received the email. 

Final transcripts

Inbound exchange partner list

Find a list of our inbound exchange partners around the world.  

Other visiting opportunities

If you are from one of our partner institutions, you may be eligible to come to U of T on exchange. Please explore this option FIRST by speaking with your home institution's exchange/study abroad office and by reading through our eligibility and application information.

If you are not from one of our partner institutions, there are a few other ways you can come to the University of Toronto for a short duration of time (one or two semesters).