The International Visiting Graduate Student (IVGS) Program provides international students the opportunity to participate in short-term graduate research activities with professors at the University of Toronto. This program is administered through the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

For more information about the IVGS program, contact or visit the School of Graduate Studies in person.


IVGS for Exchange Students

The IVGS program is administered by SGS. However, if you are applying through one of our exchange partner institutions, you may be eligible to have your IVGS fees waived.

If you are from a partner institution,

  1. You must be nominated as an exchange student by your home institution
  2. Complete the IVGS application as outlined by SGS. If you are visiting for one or more months, SGS will issue a formal Offer of Admission letter to you. Please forward a copy of the Offer of Admission letter to the Inbound Exchange Officer at so that our office is able to waive the IVGS fees for you.


For IVGS students admitted as part of the student exchange program, the IVGS application and administrative fee plus the incidental fees are waived.

You are responsible for the mandatory University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fees ($54 per month in 2014-2015).

For more information about the IVGS program, contact

For question about the exchange program, contact the Inbound Exchange Officer at