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The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Toronto is a comprehensive scholarship that provides talented yet financially disadvantaged students from Sub-Saharan Africa with access to relevant university education. The Program aims to educate and enable students to contribute to the economic growth and social development of their countries of origin.

Scholars in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at U of T are residents and citizens of a Sub-Saharan Africa country. They are provided with full financial assistance for tuition, travel expenses (including obtaining a passport), housing, food, books and other expenses for the duration of a four-year undergraduate degree.


Academic programs

The Program supports four-year programs in the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering for students from Sub-Saharan Africa. It is not available for graduate programs at U of T.



MCF Scholars participate in two unpaid internships. The first takes place in the Toronto area for three months during the second summer of studies to provide local practical work experience and skills. The second internship takes place in Africa during the third summer of studies.


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About the University of Toronto

Established in 1827, the University of Toronto has one of the strongest research and teaching faculties in North America and consistently ranks among the top universities in the world. U of T attracts top faculty and students, providing an intellectual environment that is unmatched in depth and breadth by any other Canadian campus.

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Colleges – New College and Woodsworth College

MCF Scholars live at either New College or Woodsworth College (two of the seven colleges at U of T St. George). Each College provides personalized resources and services throughout the Scholars’ undergraduate study to support your progress through the Program. These services include academic and financial advising from the college’s Registrar’s Office, residence accommodation and residence life support, and student mentor support.

Mentoring, orientation and transition programs

MCF Scholars are provided with a variety of mentoring and transition assistance programs. This includes an extended orientation upon arrival to help students get familiar with the University’s academic requirements and practices, and will also introduce students to various social and co-curricular opportunities.

Advisors and administrators

Our advisors and administrators regularly interact with MCF Scholars and help students navigate through university life. Student mentors and academic dons also provide peer support. These resources will help with transitioning to U of T and to support academic and personal success.

Student life programs and support networks

In addition to the special supports provided to the Mastercard Foundation Scholars, there are many other student support programs and services offered at U of T. These include academic and health counselling, ways to get involved in campus life, and many opportunities to build competencies in academic success, leadership, career development, health and personal well-being.

About Mastercard Foundation

Mastercard Foundation is a private foundation based in Toronto, Canada with a vision to create the opportunity for all to learn and prosper. In collaboration with a global network of educational institutions and non-governmental organizations, the Foundation promotes financial inclusion and prosperity for people living in poverty. The Foundation believes the future of Africa will be shaped by its young people, including those with academic talent and a commitment to giving back to their countries, but who are economically disadvantaged and face barriers in accessing quality, relevant education.
Please visit the Mastercard Foundation website for more information.