Step Up is a residential, pre-orientation program for international students and students who completed their secondary-level education outside of Canada. Step Up is an optional program that is designed to offer a bridge into studies at U of T and your transition to life in Toronto. It’s a great way to make new friends and get ready for your first-year of University!  


Eligibility For first-year international students and citizens/PRs who completed secondary school outside of Canada
How it works Get the details here
Schedule To be announced
Registration Registration for Step Up is by invitation only
Contact Email
Volunteer Former Step Up participants and others interested in volunteering at Step Up, see the Orientation Volunteering webpage
Participant comments What previous participants have said about the program


Step Up is open to incoming first-year students from the following faculties who did not complete their secondary-level education in Canada:

  • Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of Music
  • John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design

Please note that Exchange students are not eligible for this program.

How it works

As a Step Up participant you will:

Build Your Community: Meet professors, peers and advisors.​

Get Oriented: Discover campus and community resources.

Bring U of T in Focus: Get ready to begin your studies at U of T.

Step Up participants stay in residence during the program. Health care coverage is provided automatically through the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).

The cost for the week will be announced soon. 


To be announced. 


Registration for Step Up is by invitation only. Invitations to register will be sent out in mid-June. If, at that time, you have not received an invitation but you think you should have, please contact us directly. 


Questions? Please email


If you are a former Step Up participant and are interested in volunteering this year, please see the Orientation Volunteering web page for more information.

What previous Step Up participants have said about the program

“Step Up was a great way to meet new friends and to settle into U of T in a safer and much more manageable environment than traditional move-in day.” (Step Up 2017 participant)

“[Step Up] is a helpful program… You get a substantial amount of understanding about Canadian culture and the university’s expectations.” (Step Up 2017 participant)

"Step Up was an extremely useful thing. A lot of the common troubles and concerns that international students have here are mitigated by Step Up. It helps you start building bonds with people because you're all in the same situation: 'I just got here, I don't know what I'm doing, but we're all in this together'" (Step Up 2015 participant).

“… you make most of your good friends in this program and you’re exposed to the campus and the resources available earlier than the other students, which should build your confidence.” (Step Up 2016 participant)

“Step Up helped me get to know fellow students, faculty, the campus, and all the amenities within or outside campus.” (Step Up 2016 participant)

“I met people I am still friends with to this day and it helped me be more prepared, relaxed and settled in university.” (Step Up 2016 participant)

“They might not know it but they are more comfortable with the idea of being in a huge school away from home after step up.  Plus they’ll meet a lot of cool people.” (Step Up 2016 participant)

“I would say Step Up is a great experience for international students especially, as you have an opportunity to exclusively meet others who are in many of the same circumstances as yourself; for me I found that aspect quite relieving and the program really allowed me to make good connections that eased my anxieties about starting university in Canada despite not having had any prior education here.” (Step Up 2016 participant)