To get academic credit for the work you do on exchange, you take courses at your host institution and then get these courses transferred into U of T credits. These are called exchange transfer credits. Your courses may be transferred as exact course equivalents or as generic courses, but your marks will not appear on your U of T transcript.

The process for getting transfer credit depends on your faculty or program. We strongly recommend that you get your courses pre-approved. To learn how to get pre-approval, most students are required to attend a transfer credit information session. You may also need to finalize your credits when you return from exchange.

Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that the courses and/or research that you plan to do while abroad will be applicable to your subject POSt and degree requirements here at U of T. Each faculty has its own regulations regarding the pre-approval of courses and it is important to follow these regulations to receive full credit for the courses you take while abroad.


Info sessions Transfer credit information sessions teach you how to get credit for your exchange
Finalize credit Important information about finalizing your credits

Transfer credit information sessions

Transfer credit information sessions are the main way to learn how to get academic credit for your work abroad, but there are exceptions for various faculties. Find yours below to ensure you are on the right track!

These sessions explain the course pre-approval process, the details you need to consider when selecting courses to take abroad, and how to obtain credits upon your return from exchange. 


Pre-departure transfer credit session

If you are enrolled in one of the following faculties and want to transfer credits back to U of T from your exchange destination, you must attend a Pre-departure Transfer Credit Session to learn about transfer credit rules, procedures and pre-approvals:


Research and Joint Minor programs

If you are participating in a research or Joint Minor program and have questions about credits, please contact Mahvis Wesley or  Tak Koguchi respectivley.


Other faculties and the School of Graduate Studies

If you are a student in SGS or one of the faculties listed below, you will need to contact the appropriate person at your faculty to ensure that you have a complete understanding of credit rules and minimum grade requirements for transfer credits.



Students in the following Arts and Science programs and initiatives are exempt from transfer credit sessions:

  • Summer Research participants (with the exception of students seeking credit at departments other than those listed in our Summer Research Program pages)

Finalize credits

Depending on which faculty you belong to, there may be a number of steps you need to take in order to finalize the credits you received while abroad. Faculty of Arts and Science students will receive instructions on finalizing credits at the transfer credit session. All others should contact their faculty or department.


Keep your course documents 

Keep your course documents for reference. Detailed course syllabi or outlines, graded assignments or tests, independent study project papers, language workbooks, etc. may all be useful in obtaining transfer credit for the classes you take while abroad. If you are concerned about these documents weighing down your luggage, consider shipping them by sea or scanning them and keeping electronic copies.



It is your responsibility to ensure that a transcript is sent from your host institution to CIE.