Congratulations! We look forward to your arrival!

These suggested steps will help you prepare for your arrival in Toronto and on campus.

Before you arrive in Toronto, there are some things you will need to prepare for – everything from organizing your travel documents to finding somewhere to live. Check out our Pre-Arrival Guide and Next Steps Checklist for details.

Services for international students:

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The Pre-Arrival Guide Check out this guide for international students
Next Steps Checklist Suggestions to help you prepare before you leave your home country and after you arrive in Canada

The Guide

The Pre-Arrival Guide for International Students is a series of webcasts that will help you prepare for your arrival at the University of Toronto: 

  • Welcome (2m 16 s)
  • Travel Documents & Customs (4m 4s) covers documents required for immigration, what to expect at customs and what you can bring with you.
  • Academic Life Part 1 (6m 34s) covers understanding U of T academic culture, International Transition Advisors, academic integrity and academic terms glossary.
  • Academic Life Part 2 (7m 15s)
  • Money Matters (3m 8s)
  • Housing (3m 9s) covers general information about housing, off-campus housing, temporary accommodation. Additional webcast: off-campus housing.
  • Health & Health Insurance (4m 25s) covers introduction to health care in Canada, University Health Insurance (UHIP) explained, UHIP enrolment and start date, how to use your insurance and how to get your health card.
  • Your Neighbourhood (8m 54s) covers living here, from the airport to campus, getting around the cities,  climate and clothing and campus/neighbourhood safety.
  • Student Life (5m 21s) covers student life, clubs and associations and student rights and responsibilities & freedom of speech.
  • When You Arrive (3m 3s) covers picking up your T-Card, CIE upon arrival orientation and campus orientation.

Next Steps Checklist

These suggested next steps will help you prepare for your arrival in Toronto and on campus.

Before You Arrive

Please see the column at your right for suggestions about what to do after you arrive in Toronto.

After You Arrive