The CIE offers a variety of international research opportunities. Would you like to gain laboratory research experience combined with travel abroad? Working in a foreign lab, learning new research techniques and working with different equipment can boost your academic career — not to mention the benefit of networking with professors and graduate students from universities around the world! 

Learn more about our research programs, including exchange with research, graduate research terms and the summer research exchange program.

Exchange with research

Many of our partners offer the opportunity to do a research project or lab work under a professor, for credit, as a part of a regular exchange program – for a semester or a year.  Consider the opportunity of doing one of your courses abroad as a research project!

Graduate research terms

Are you a graduate student interested in spending a semester or a year abroad to do research for your thesis?  The CIE offers opportunities for you to enjoy the benefits of being registered at a partner institution, but without the need to take courses. If you have secured a research placement at a partner institution, CIE will confirm if you are able to go abroad as an exchange student.

Undergraduate Summer Research Exchange Program

This is an exciting opportunity for upper-year undergraduate students in science, engineering, and other fields to acquire hands-on lab and research experience. Summer research projects are available at partner institutions for about 12 weeks over the summer term.

Use the CIE international opportunities tool to find a destination.

Program highlights:

  • Work with world-class scientists in exciting destinations during the summer
  • Complete a U of T credit towards your degree or apply summer research hours towards your practical experience requirement (for engineering students only)
  • Successful applicants will be nominated to be placed with one of 10+ CIE partners offering summer research opportunities in various disciplines 
  • Research placements are usually for 12 weeks and will fulfill between 20 and 40 hours of lab/practical work per week
  • Funding to cover basic costs is available for all successful SREP applicants

Engineering Science (EngSci) summer research placements

Engineering Science students will have access to summer research placements exclusively secured for their department. Contact EngSci Curriculum Officer Scott Sleeth for details on information sessions and application procedures. EngSci students who choose to apply for EngSci placements through Scott Sleeth cannot apply for the CIE Summer Research Exchange Program. Students must choose between EngSci exclusive placements and general CIE engineering summer research exchange programs before they apply.