If you have young children accompanying you to Canada and you require child care so that you can attend classes, then you will need to apply for a licensed child care spot. 

Apply as early as possible. The childcare centres at the University of Toronto and in the community have long waiting lists.
For further information on child care options, availability, costs and subsidies, please see the U of T Family Care Office website or contact them by phone or email.

Phone: 416-978-0951
Email: family.care@utoronto.ca


School for children Consider your child's education options
Family Care Office Information and resources on campus

School for children

If you have a school-aged child accompanying you to Canada, you will have to consider your child's educational options. In Ontario, primary and secondary schooling runs from approximately age 4 – 18. The year of entry is determined by the child’s age as of December 31 of that year. This means that if a child is 3 in September, but turns 4 any time between September and the end of December, that child would be eligible to begin the first level of primary schooling. The Family Care Office and Ministry of Education websites have information about registration and the options open to you and your child.

Family Care Office

The Family Care Office at the University of Toronto provides information, guidance and referrals on family matters including child care, elder care and pregnancy. For more information, please visit the Office online or in person on the main floor of the Koffler Student Services Centre at 214 College St.