There are many ways to travel around the city!  This information page will introduce you to several different modes of transportation in Toronto. 


Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Using public transportation in Toronto
Mississauga Transit Public transportation in Mississauga
Inter Campus Shuttle Travel between campuses
Driving in Ontario Getting a driver's license

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) operates buses, streetcars and subways throughout the City of Toronto, with connections to public transportation in neighbouring municipalities. For information on bus and subway routes throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), please call 416-393-4636 (416-393-INFO), visit the TTC website or pick up a TTC Ride Guide at any subway station.  

You can get to UTSC by TTC from downtown Toronto.

About TTC fare

In order to enter any TTC vehicle you must have either the exact fare in cash, a token (a special TTC coin representing one fare), ticket or pass — you may also use a transfer to change from one line/ vehicle to another. Tokens, tickets, monthly Metropasses and daily or weekly passes can be purchased at the subway station or authorized vendors throughout the city.

  • At a subway station, if you do not have exact change, ask the attendant in the ticket booth for change. She or he will make change for you, but you must put your correct cash fare into the fare box yourself before entering the subway. The fare box is also where you put your token or ticket.

  • On a bus or streetcar, you must have a pass, ticket, token, valid transfer or the exact cash fare. The driver will not provide you with change. Put the fare into the collection box or show your transfer or pass to the driver. 


Monthly Metropasses can be purchased at a subway station, but with your U of T student card you can buy a discounted (i.e. cheaper!) Metropass on the St. George campus. For more information, go to the University of Toronto Students' Union website and look under "Services".


A note about transfers

Often, to reach a destination you will need to change buses or streetcars, or change from a bus to the subway. In this case you will need to have a transfer in order to show that you have already paid your fare. You should always get your transfer where you pay your fare — transfers taken from subway stations at the location of transfer will not be accepted. On a bus or streetcar, the driver will give you a transfer; in the subway stations, look for the red machines a few metres past the ticket booth.

Mississauga Transit

Mississauga Transit provides bus service to UTM and the surrounding area. Full-time students at UTM are eligible for a U-Pass, which is a bus pass that allows unlimited ridership for the academic year. The cost of the U-Pass is included in your tuition fees.

From downtown you can get to UTM with a combination of TTC and Mississauga Transit or from the St. George Campus with the Inter Campus Shuttle Bus.

Inter Campus Shuttle

The University operates an Inter Campus Shuttle Bus between the St. George Campus and UTM. UTM students do not pay a fare to ride the shuttle. St. George Campus students must purchase tickets, which are available on campus.

There are also Alternate Transportation options to UTM, in case you are travelling during hours when the shuttle is not operating or from somewhere other than the St. George Campus.

Driving in Ontario

Since you will be living in Canada for longer than three months, you will need to have an International Driver’s License from your home country if you wish to drive here.

If you are bringing a car into Ontario, you must obtain Ontario license plates for it within thirty days of your arrival. You will also need appropriate insurance that is valid in Ontario. This can be expensive.

Please see the Ministry of Transportation website if you have any questions concerning insurance regulations or driver or vehicle licensing.