The leadership competencies required to run effective group processes are very much needed in research groups, committee meetings and the classroom – and not just for those who hold formal leadership positions. Learn how to put collaborative leadership theory into action by improving your skills and knowledge in group facilitation and conflict resolution.

The Leadership Skills for Graduates are part of the Graduate Professional Skills program (GPS), which provides graduate students with a range of optional opportunities for professional skill development. GPS is an initiative of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).


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How it works

Over the course of the academic year, graduate students can take workshops from each of the three streams of leadership: fundamentals, practice and action.

Students can gain Co-curricular Record (CCR) accreditation for completion of 5 workshops. We encourage participants to take workshops that best suit their needs and passions. 

Please note: There is a maximum capacity for workshops, so please ensure that if you sign up for a workshop you attend (so you do not take a space away from someone else). 

Further, if there is low registration, some workshops may be cancelled or condensed in time. You will be given at least 48 hours if this happens. Thank you for your understanding. 

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These workshops are open to all students, and are geared towards graduate students.

Workshop offerings

Leadership Fundamentals

Gain an understanding of the basics of leadership as a graduate student 

Collaborative Leadership: From Theory to Practice

Leadership used to be thought about as a relatively simple construct; however, it is a very complex phenomenon. In this session, you will learn about different leadership theories and how they have evolved over time. You will gain an understanding of an emerging leadership paradigm for the 21st century and how the six practices of collaborative leadership may impact you in a personal and professional context.


Practicing Inclusion: A conversation about creating new spaces

A leader holds the possibility of creating spaces where all kinds of different people can connect, innovate, inspire, create and flourish together. This session will offer an opportunity to deepen our understanding and practice of inclusion. We’ll look at what inclusion means on a systemic level and think together about creating new spaces where more of us can thrive together.


Values & Reflective Practice

Transformational learning involves experiencing a deep, structural shift in the basic premises of thought, feelings and actions. It is a shift of consciousness that dramatically and permanently alters one’s way of being in the world. Critical reflection is the distinguishing characteristic of adult learning, and is the vehicle by which one questions the validity of their world-view. This workshop will provide a model for critical reflection that you will apply in conjunction with speaking about values; we will examine the ideas of reflection and values - and how it relates to your experiences in both a personal and professional sense.


Leadership in Practice

Enhance your leadership skills as a graduate student

Group & Team Dynamics

Understanding what makes your group tick is crucial to group productivity and success. In this session, you will gain a solid understanding of group development theories and how they relate to your group/team. Participants will be able to engage in discussions around effective team development and team building with one another. Participants will have the opportunity to share in fun, dynamic and developmental team builders and ideas for building their groups community. After attending this session, participants will walk away feeling confident and energized to build their team and motivate others!


Collaborative Visioning: Creating Group Goals for Action

Shared visions provide the foundation for collaboration, growth, and change. This interactive workshop will explore the importance of visioning as a step towards achieving your goals for the coming year. Techniques for long and short term goal-setting will be shared, and participants will come away with some practical strategies for developing a shared vision for their team – and how this links to productivity.


Facilitating the Process: Facilitating & Coordinating a Group

Good facilitation and coordination skills can make the difference between an ineffective meeting and a highly productive, participatory one. As a result of participating in this workshop you will learn: (a) About the role of a group facilitator and its impact on group dynamics; (b) Strategies to encourage individual participation and engagement; (c) Essential skills, tools and techniques needed to be a successful facilitator.


Leadership in Action

Deepen your knowledge of leadership and management as a graduate 

Relational Leadership

Within this session we will look at five concepts that govern relationships between people – in order to bring about positive change; these areas are: purpose, inclusion, empowerments, ethics and process. In contrast to a personalized vision (that may be projected onto a group/individual) – a socialized vision is one where members work together to help create by working toward a common goal, by working together. We will focus on understanding the shift to relational leadership – the issue of power and the key essential processes to lead with action.


Effective Organizational Communication: Exploring Leadership & Management

How is the communication process affected by the structure of an organization? In this session, we will explore how formal and informal communication can influence relationships and a sense of agency, within a group or team. More specifically, we will look at how downward, upward, and horizontal communication is connected to leadership and management styles. You will gain insight by asking yourself; HOW can I communicate more effectively in my organization? HOW does my role and social location influence the flow of information and team productivity? HOW can I be a clear and conscious communicator?


Making Meaning

How often do you intentionally reflect on the success or effectiveness of a meeting, or the impact of an event/program/lecture etc.? Participants of this workshop will learn the value of reflection, practice reflection activities and strategize ways to include reflection in their own lives – along with incorporating into leading a group. Further, each person will be able to reflect on their own “leadership” journey and understand where their path may lead them after this session!

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