New Campus Group? Returning Campus Group?

New campus group is referred to as a group that had no previous recognition with Ulife. Even if your group had been around for few years, if you were not recognized with Ulife, then your group will be considered as a new group according to Ulife with except to U of T Scarborough.

UTSC student groups will continue to be recognized through their own Campus Groups Recognition and Development website and their information will be entered into Ulife so no direct recognition to Ulife is required. However, in order to apply for Web space, your group’s recognition status will be checked at .
For UTM and St. George campus groups, you will need to apply for recognition at Ulife one their online application page.
Returning campus group is referred to as a campus group with prior recognition through Ulife and has applied for re-recognition with Ulife. If the group already had a website, then application to request for website is not required, however, you will need to sign your online Terms and Agreement in order to proceed with the web management system.
For all campus groups, you will have following options regarding your hosting options.
  1. Redirect: This option allows campus organizations to redirect their URL to an existing or new website that is hosted by another U of T web host or a third-party hosting company.
  2. Wordpress: This is the Multi-User version of the popular web blog Wordpress where users can build websites with the provided themes and plugins. You can find more information and instructions about Wordpress from our Student Life WordPress Help blog
  3. Static HTML: This option allows users to host a website with static HTML web pages (no server-side scripting).
  4. Please submit your request at and for UTSC campus groups, please submit your request via email. (Include Group Name, Your Name, UTORid, Contact information and hosting options.)
Note: The process for setting up Campus Group Web space may take up to 2 business days. Once the account is setup, the Executive Signing officer will be provided with Web space access information via email.