Direct number streamlines support for victims of sexual violence

Students who have experienced sexual violence have unique needs. That’s why the team of trauma clinicians at the Health & Wellness Centre can now be reached through a dedicated phone number.

U of T students on the St. George campus can access health care, counselling support and resources related to sexual assault by dialing 416-978-7800 during regular business hours and speaking with a trained, registered clinician. They can also leave a confidential voicemail and receive a response within the same business day.

“Our team is committed to helping students who have experienced sexual violence,” says Janine Robb, Executive Director of the Health & Wellness Centre. “We have a robust set of resources available and trained professionals who are here to help. And now we have a direct line so that students in need can be given tailored care in the most streamlined way possible.”

Staff and faculty are encouraged to distribute information about the dedicated phone line to students and to ensure that websites and documents are updated to reflect this valuable service. In the case of emergency situations, please remind students to contact campus police, or dial 911.

For more information, contact Janine Robb at