The information on this page is intended ONLY for students coming to the University of Toronto through the Centre for International Experience exchange program.


U of T Residences Eligibility considerations for exchange students
Residence-style Living Located near the St. George campus
Off-campus Housing Tools and resources to help you find a place to live in Toronto
Temporary Housing A short-term solution while looking for a more permanent place to stay
Budget The cost of living in Toronto

U of T Residences

The vast majority of exchange students at the University of Toronto do not live in residence.

St. George and UTM exchange students ARE NOT guaranteed residence, but may apply for the UTM or St. George residences’ waitlists.

UTSC exchange students ARE guaranteed residence, provided your application and deposit are submitted on time. Application details and deadlines will be noted in your admission package.

If you have not done so already, and would like to apply for residence, start by exploring your options. Each campus has their own distinct residential communities and styles of residential living. Each residence also has its own eligibility rules – some are open to all students, and others are open only to those studying in a certain academic program.

  • U of T St. George residents live in one of the seven colleges, Chestnut Residence, Graduate House, or Student Family Housing.
  • U of T Mississauga has more than 1,500 students living in residence, and offers three different housing options: residence halls, townhouses or apartments.
  • U of T Scarborough residents live in townhouses or apartment suites less than a two minute walk from academic buildings.

If you are on a residence waitlist, the chances of receiving a residence offer by the start of September is very low. However, space in some residences can become available by the start of the winter term (January). If you are planning to start at U of T in the winter term and would like to stay in residence, it would be prudent to add yourself to the waitlists.

Residence-style Living

There are a number of independently owned and operated residence-style accommodations that are located near the St. George campus. The University assumes no responsibility in regard to any agreements entered into by students/residents with these residences, and makes no representations or warranties and assumes no responsibility for the conditions of services provided at these residences. However, you may wish to explore these options:

Off-Campus (Rental) Housing

Our Off-Campus Housing website is a great place to begin your search for off-campus rental housing. Here you will find:

  • Listings of rooms, apartments and other types of housing for rent by local landlords and property managers.  
  • A Roommate Finder tool that allows you to post a roommate profile and view profiles of other students who may share your interests, habits and housing needs.

Many resources including:

You need your Join/UTORid to log-in to the off-campus housing website.

Temporary Housing

When looking for rental housing, we strongly recommend you view the place in person prior to signing a lease. If you are not physically in the city prior the start of term, our Temporary Housing listings are a great way to find a short-term place to stay while looking for something more permanent.


Getting a clear picture of the cost of living can help you budget for the year. To help you plan ahead, check out the estimated costs of living in Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough, along with this handy U of T Financial Planning Calculator.

The calculator will show you how much money you will need to cover tuition and fees, housing costs, food and everything else for the upcoming academic year. You'll provide some background and income information, and the calculator will show you a budget summary and direct you to some useful resources to help you save money.