Available from December 22, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Most U of T residences close during the winter break. If you need temporary accommodations, check out the winter break list below.

U of T Residences Open during Winter Break

University of Toronto St. George 

Chestnut Residence

  • Current Chestnut residents only
  • Must apply by Dec. 4
  • $400/ two-week period
  • No meal plan; no guests; limited staffing

New College Residence

  • Current New College residents only
  • $25/night
  • Confirm with your residence office by Nov. 30
  • No meal plan; limited staffing

Trinity College Residence

  • Current Trinity residents only
  • Contact the Office of the Dean of Students to apply
  • $100/night; up to a maximum of $300
  • No meal plan; limited staffing

University College Residence

  • Current University College residents only
  • Residents can login to the UC Residence Portal (ResInfo) to apply
  • $25/night
  • No meal plan; limited staffing; limited service

University of Toronto Mississauga

  • Current UTM residents only
  • Visit UTM Winter Break Housing for information on how to apply
  • Deadline to apply with no charge: Nov. 9. Extended deadline to apply with $100 charge is: Dec. 14
  • No meal plan; limited staffing


University of Toronto Scarborough

  • Current UTSC residents only
  • Contact your residence office to apply
  • $275/two-week term
  • No meal plan; limited staffing

U of T Residences Closed during Winter Break

University of Toronto St. George

  • Innis College Residence
  • Loretto College Residence
  • St. Michael’s College Residence
  • Victoria College Residence
  • Woodsworth College Residence 

Off-Campus Accommodations

Coming soon!