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    "elements" leaders.

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    cafe conversation.

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    student perspective.

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    search for meaning.

  • The Dalai Lama is greeted by students at the Multi-faith Centre

    Dalai Lama visit.


students, staff and chaplains sharing a meal

Reading Abrahamic Scriptures Together

Study Muslim, Christian and Jewish scriptures and find links between the three faiths. Weekly discussion and supper. Contact student.minister [at]

31st July 2015
Coffee and blueberry muffins

Muffin Madness

4 pm every Wednesday, Multi-Faith, Student Lounge. Come chat with amazing people and eat some delicious muffins. All students are welcome. 

31st July 2015



Responsibility to Engage

8 October, 9am–4:30pm, St. Michael’s College. This one day conference for diverse voices promotes the betterment of the world. Contact info [at]

8th October 2015
Stork says help keep our waters healthy for everyone including me.

The Great Shoreline Clean-Up

20 September, 2-6pm. Meet at the Multi-Faith Centre. Join other U of T students to help keep the city clean. Register now!

Learn more about the GCSC.

20th September 2015

Spiritual diversity at the University of Toronto

Beliefs are a big part of who we are and how we learn, and while U of T is a secular institution, we respect everyone’s right to worship. The Multi-Faith Centre supports the spiritual well-being of everyone on campus and provides opportunities for people to learn from each other while exploring questions of meaning, purpose and identity. Our facilities and programs accommodate a wide variety of spiritual and faith-based practices and encourage interfaith dialogue and spiritual development as part of the learning experience for all students. 


Image by Michelle Gibson Photography