Students kneeling in Multi-Faith Centre

Yoga and Meditation for 2016-17

Join a weekly meditation, yoga or Tai Chi session on campus. Sessions are available on Mondays through Fridays at various campus locations.

19th September 2016
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Fun, Food & Friends

Join us every Wednesday at 4 pm, beginning September 14, for fun, food and friends

9th September 2016

Event Highlights

The Trials of Muhammad Ali poster

Spirituality & Social Justice Film

The Trials of Muhammad Ali explores the life of the athlete outside of the boxing ring--his conversion to Islam, refusal to participate in the Vietnam War to protest global racism & US imperialism, and the social & political consequences of his decisions.

16th October 2016
Timaj Garad

Poetic Heartwork

A 4-week arts-based workshop exploring intersections of performance poetry and healing. The series aims to cultivate wellbeing by deepening creative writing and performance practices anchored in self-love. Poetic Heartwork Oct. 13 - Nov. 3.

13th October 2016
Rehana Tejpar

Being Authentic

A 4-week arts-based program, designed to deepen self-knowledge and reflection for students exploring questions of identity, meaning, purpose and spiritual-well-being. Register for Being Authentic on Thursdays 4 - 5 p.m. September 29 - October 20.

20th September 2016

Spiritual diversity at the University of Toronto

Beliefs are a big part of who we are and how we learn, and while U of T is a secular institution, we respect everyone’s right to worship. The Multi-Faith Centre supports the spiritual well-being of everyone on campus and provides opportunities for people to learn from each other while exploring questions of meaning, purpose and identity. Our facilities and programs accommodate a wide variety of spiritual and faith-based practices and encourage interfaith dialogue and spiritual development as part of the learning experience for all students. 


Image by Michelle Gibson Photography.

Two notices on a wooden wall in the Multi-faith Centre