Graphic: Missed a slide?

Just in Time Slides August 21 - 27

Here’s where you can find the current slides displayed in classrooms and on TV screens around campus. Don’t miss out on important dates, workshops and opportunities.

21st August 2017
Students visiting an ASKme booth at King's College Road

ASKme booths are on campus this September!

Be sure to stop by an ASKme booth to say hi! We have answers to your questions plus information about campus resources and ways to get involved!

Booths are out weekdays September 5 - 11.

9th August 2017
9 new things graphic

9 New Things

Our 9 new things e-newsletters keep you in-the-know about campus happenings, ways to get involved, staying healthy and having fun! Find the latest issues Wednesdays and Thursdays.

1st August 2017
Askme anything about U of T graphic

Askme anything about U of T

Type in your question about student life and ASKme will answer right away. Or Tweet us your questions with #AMAUofT.

3rd March 2017