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Paid Summer Intern Positions

We are currently recruiting for 3 exciting and challenging opportunities for current or recent U of T students to learn about the field of student life through a summer-long paid internship. Look for Job ID: 93488, 93493, 93441 on Career Learning Network(CLN).

10th March 2017
back of tshirt says first time's a charm

Are you a First Generation Student?

Find out more about the First in the Family Peer – Mentor Program if your parents/guardians did not complete college or university, or attended post-secondary education outside of Canada.  Registration will open in June!  

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Peer Mentor Opportunities

Looking to be at Peer Mentor at U of T St. George? Most positions for the 2016-2017 academic year will be posted by the end of January. Check the Peer Mentorship Opportunities webpage frequently for updates.

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The four phases of mentorship

These resources are designed for current peer mentors or staff, faculty, or students who are running or developing mentoring programs. 

Mentorship is a learning relationship between two or more people, and it typically follows four phases:

  • Preparing: the discovery phase, when you find out if mentorship is right for you.
  • Negotiating: the business phase, when you help your mentee set learning goals.
  • Enabling growth: the work phase, when you support and provide feedback to your mentee.
  • Coming to closure: the assessment stage, where you assess the value of your mentoring relationship and move forward.  

Images in slideshow by Michelle Gibson Photography.

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