The Mentors-in-Training program is designed to help mentees become mentors.  Learn the roles, responsibilities and skills necessary to become a First in the Family mentor. Participants in this program will receive first consideration to be hired as a mentor.  


How it works How to get involved
Eligibility This program is open to registered First in the Family mentees
Application Learn how to apply for 2017/2018 academic year
Contact If you would like more information please contact Adonica Huggins at
Mentor-in-training Frances Huang
Mentor-in-training Jake Chalkley
Mentor-in-training Rebecca Kay

How it works

First in the Family mentees are invited to apply for the Mentors-in-Training program during the second semester of their first year. Those selected will have the opportunity to develop a range of skills during the second year of their undergraduate degree.  

Mentors-in-Training will: 

  • Work with staff, senior and peer mentors, to learn how to plan, execute and co-facilitate First in the Family Fridays and other events
  • Attend mentorship professional development workshops, and share what you learned with the other Mentors-In-Training
  • Facilitate community building activities to help establish cooperation, collaboration and community within the program

Once Mentors-in-Training have completed their role, they will receive first consideration to be hired in their third year as peer mentors provided they apply, attend the interview and are deemed qualified.  


This program is open to undergraduate students registered as First in the Family mentees, who actively meet with their mentor, receive additional support from the Learning Strategist, and attend program events.  


Get all the details and apply for 2017/2018. 

APPLICATION PERIOD: May 1 – May 14, 11:59 p.m., 2017.


If you would like more information about Mentors-in-Training, please contact Adonica Huggins, Student Life Coordinator, Academic and Peer Programs at

Meet mentor-in-training

Frances Huang

General Field of Study: Life Sciences

Program of Study: Molecular Genetics

Undergraduate College: Woodsworth College

Frances Huang

Previous FITF Mentee: Yes 

Identity: Taiwanese Canadian

Co-Curricular Interests: Arts and crafts, reading, and anime and video games




Meet mentor-in-training

Jake Chalkley

General Field of Study: Humanities

Program of Study: East Asian Studies

Undergraduate College: University College


Jake Chalkley
Previous FITF Mentee: Yes 
Identity: I'm in the process of learning Japanese!
Co-Curricular Interests: Karate, anime, and video games.

Meet mentor-in-training

Rebecca Kay

General Field of Study: Commerce / Management / Business 

Program of Study: Finance and Economics

Undergraduate College: New College

Rebecca Kay
Previous FITF Mentee: Yes 
Identity: Born in Malaysia and lived there my entire childhood. I'm Malaysian Chinese and I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese! 
Co-Curricular Interests: Reading, photography, and playing badminton.