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Are you looking for a peer, career or faculty mentor? You've come to the right place!

Use the Mentorship Database to explore the many mentorship opportunities available to students at U of T: 

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  • Explore mentorship programs for new students as well as programs for upper-year, graduate and professional students
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Mentors - become a mentor

The University of Toronto has many Peer Mentor programs.  Some of them are routed in identity, area of study or open to all.  Some of the programs are run by staff or faculty, others by students as part of a club or student society.  All of the programs have their own recruitment and selection process.

Step 1 – Look at the programs listed below and determine which program you are qualified for/would like to work with.

Step 2 – Determine the timelines and what is needed to apply.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the coordinator for assistance.

Step 3 – If you can’t find any positions available check back on a regular basis.  A majority of the positions are posted in August and March.

Another Option – check the Mentorship Database to see what other programs are available and contact the coordinator directly to find out timelines and how to apply.

Check out this list of peer mentor opportunities on campus. Each mentorship program at U of T has its own application process.

Mentorship Professional Development

Interested in enhancing your mentorship skills? We offer a variety of professional development opportunities for peer mentors, including Mentorship Foundations, Mentor Cafes and Workshops. Complete the Mentorship Leadership Certificate and get credit on your CCR!

Mentorship Week

February 12-16, 2018

U of T has over 450 peer to peer mentorship matches on St. George Campus and over 60 peer to peer, alumni to student and faculty student programs across all three campuses to participate in. If you aren’t engaged in mentoring yet – here’s your chance!

Learn about Mentorship Week

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The four phases of mentorship

These resources are designed for current peer mentors or staff, faculty, or students who are running or developing mentoring programs. 

Mentorship is a learning relationship between two or more people, and it typically follows four phases

  • Preparing: the discovery phase, when you find out if mentorship is right for you.
  • Negotiating: the business phase, when you help your mentee set learning goals.
  • Enabling growth: the work phase, when you support and provide feedback to your mentee.
  • Coming to closure: the assessment stage, where you assess the value of your mentoring relationship and move forward.