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Abigail Tomiolola Onjabi

In Focus: Abigail Tomiolola Onjabi

As a first-year student in residence, Abigail participated in all the res events she could, making friends formally and informally. "I made lots of friends during frosh week and at organized events, but I also made good friends by just smiling and saying 'Hi' when I saw them around."

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Important Dates

• August 23
Payment deadline

• September 9
No course enrolment on ROSI

• September 12
Classes start

• September 18
Waiting lists for F and Y courses turned off

• September 25
Last day to enrol in F and Y courses

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Need-to-know post-it note with don't forget written on it

Don't forget the fee payment deadline

You'll need to pay or defer your fees by the deadline - August 23 - to avoid having all your course enrolments cancelled. See details in the "Money Matters" section below.

Priority period/open enrolment period

Now that the priority period has ended, you can enrol in up to one more credit, for a total of 6.0. Also note that most enrolment controls in "P" (Priority) indicator courses have been removed for St. George Arts & Science students.

Class locations

You can find the locations of your classes under the personal timetable option on the ROSI main menu. Class locations will be finalized by the week of September 5.

Day with NO course enrolment

There will be NO course enrolment on the Student Web Service on September 9. On this day DO NOT try to add or cancel courses, or change or cancel "waitlisted" sections.

Credit/No Credit option

Degree students may elect to take up to 1.0 of their 20.0 degree credits as Credit/No Credit, rather than getting a final course mark. Note that you may not take courses required for your programs in this way.

Sessional dates

Sessional dates and deadlines and deadlines of note can be found in the Calendar and Registration Handbook. Mark down these important dates down for future reference.
2011 important dates | 2012 important dates

Arts & Science Council elections

Elections for first-year reps on the 2011-2012 Arts & Science Council will take place in September. Nominations take place from September 6-13 and the election from September 27-28. (Note: this e-News message constitutes official notice of these dates, but a separate email with full details will be sent to all students later.)

Money Matters Image fifty dollar bill

Program fees and course load

If you're taking a full-time course load (3.0 to 6.0 credits), your fees will be assessed under the "program-fee" method. If you are taking 2.5 credits or fewer, contact your college registrar's office to have your fees assessed per course. Find out more about the mechanics of the program fee on the Arts & Science website.

Because the program fee permits students to enrol in more than 5.0 courses for the same cost, some students sign up for 5.5 or 6.0 courses with the strategy of later dropping the one that is going the least well. This strategy has drawbacks, such as expensive textbooks and even more expensive time spent going to the extra class and doing the assignments. Investing in something you will likely drop later means you have less time and energy to invest in the courses you intend to keep. Keep this in mind as you plan your course load.

Fee payment deadline for 2011-2012: August 23

Don't forget that the deadline to pay your tuition (or officially defer your fees) for the 2011-2012 year is August 23. If your payment has not been made by August 23, you'll lose your course enrolments for next year. Note that we will allow 10 business days for payments to arrive here, and will cancel courses after the 10 business day period has elapsed. If you applied for OSAP and need to defer your fees, you can do so on ROSI's Financial Accounts page.

NOTE: You cannot use the online deferral tool if you have outstanding fees from past sessions, including 2011 Summer, on your account. Clear them first, or contact your college registrar's office if you encounter any problems paying or deferring your fees before the August 23 deadline.

One meal plan, 40 locations, thousands of meal options

The new UeaT Meal Plan allows you to eat at any cafeteria or dining hall on campus. Save time and money by purchasing one of these flexible and refundable plans. For more information, visit

News U of T online campus map

U of T's new online map makes campus easy to navigate

U of T has introduced an innovative new map to help you easily find your way around the St. George campus. It's searchable, layered and allows you to get directions to places on campus from anywhere.

Students launch mobile apps in The Next 36 program

Entrepreneurial program The Next 36 takes 36 of Canada's student leaders and puts them through a series of tasks that will help launch their careers. A handful of students from across U of T have been involved this summer creating apps for mobile devices.

Cinema studies student receives grant to start video production company

This summer has given Charlie Hoppner's career a boost. The fourth-year cinema studies student received a $3,000 grant through the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation's (OCRI) Entrepreneurship Centre to start his web video production company, Riviera Media.

New research suggests female minorities are more affected by racism than sexism

Studies by the University of Toronto's psychology department suggest that racism may impact some female minority groups more deeply than sexism.

Something to do students meeting employers at at career fair

Get ready for Career Information Days

Get ready to meet with over 100 employers who want to meet you! Come to Career Information Days, U of T's largest career event of the year, from September 20-22. Employers will be there to discuss future and current employment opportunities, what you can do with your degree and share their experiences. Visit the Career Centre website for more information and advice on how to prepare.

Volunteer note-takers needed

Accessibility Services needs dependable volunteer note-takers to help students living with a disability achieve academic success. There is no extra work required and it is easy to register and submit notes online. Being a volunteer helps you take better notes and all volunteers are eligible to receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Please check blackboard and your email and listen for class announcements to see if a volunteer note-taker is needed in your course.

Support Systems students studying together

Working together

Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom - the whole campus is a learning environment. Libraries, writing centres and the Academic Success Centre are all working together to support you. Get help preparing for the next step or just staying motivated. Check out how we are working with you to support your academic success.

Advance your English for academic success

English Language Learning (ELL) will offer an eight-day non-credit course, ELL010H1F, Intensive Academic English, from August 22-31. The course is specially designed for multilingual students who want to improve their critical reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English. Register along with your Fall courses. Priority in registration will be given to incoming first-year students. The $200 fee is waived if you complete the course.

The Communication Cafe helps students whose first language is not English to feel confident expressing their ideas orally. Vocabulary expansion and development of critical thinking are emphasized. Topics are drawn from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Come to one session, or come to all - no registration is necessary. There is no fee, and new members may join at any time.

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