Arts & Science Student e-News, July 2010
Photo of Catie Sahadath

In Focus: Catie Sahadath

Catie has never let a lack of financial resources prevent her from experiencing new things. She has commuted from her parents' home in Orono, worked as a "professional book-shelver" at Robarts Library and yet still found the time and resources to get involved on campus and even study abroad.

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Important Dates

• July 9
First day for second-year students to check start time for course enrolment on ROSI

• July 13
First round of course enrolment begins for third-year students

• July 16
First day for first-year students to check start time for course enrolment on ROSI

• July 20
First round of course enrolment begins for second-year students

• July 26
First round of course enrolment begins for first-year students

• August 2
Civic Holiday; University closed

• August 24
Deadline to pay or officially defer at least the first installment of fees

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2010-2011 course enrolment dates

Start times for fourth-year, third-year, and second-year students have already been posted on ROSI; start times for first-year students will be posted on July 16. Course enrolment start dates are:

  • fourth year - July 6
  • third year - July 13
  • second year - July 20
  • first year - July 26
  • non-degree - August 13

ROSI course enrolment

As one of a number of things we have done to help improve ROSI service and ensure ROSI can keep up with the pace of your requests this year, we are spacing out the rate at which students come onto ROSI for course enrolment. If your start time is a bit later in the day than in previous years, this is the likely reason. We have not changed the way we prioritized students for their enrolment windows.

Choosing courses for 2010-2011

Don't forget that the Calendar lists courses that may not be offered every year. The Timetable lists those that are actually being offered in 2010-2011. The Timetable and Calendar have been updated since they were printed in March, so check the online versions for the most current information. If you need help with your course selections, you should check with your college registrar's office.

Money Matters Image of calendar with date circled

Fee payment deadline for 2010-2011

Don't forget: the deadline to pay your tuition (or officially defer your fees - see below) for the 2010-2011 year is August 24. If you applied for OSAP and need to defer your fees, you can do so online. NOTE: You cannot use the online deferral tool if you have outstanding fees from past sessions, including the 2010 Summer session, on your account. Clear them first, or contact your College Registrar's office if you encounter any problems paying or deferring your fees before the August 24 deadline. If at least your initial payment or deferral has not been made by August 24, you'll lose your course enrolments for next year.

Fee invoices

Fee invoices will be available on ROSI starting July 21. Note that invoices will not be "viewable" until 7:00pm on July 19, 20, and 26.

Tuition deferral

If you applied for OSAP or other provincial financial aid and need to defer your fees, you can do so online. The fee deferral option will be available under "Financial Accounts" on the ROSI main menu beginning July 21.

News English Language Learning

New English language learning program eases transition to university

Adapting to university-level work can be challenging enough but when learning involves a second or third language, the difficulties can perhaps seem insurmountable. The English Language Learning program helps students to see that it doesn't have to be this way.

Curriculum renewal is ongoing

Like a gardener experimenting with soil and seeds in a quest for the perfect mix of blooms, the Faculty of Arts and Science has been revising and renewing its curriculum - and the results are beginning to flower.

Awards & Honours Photo of Barbara Sherwood Lollar

U of T's newest University Professors include one from Arts & Science

The Department of Geology's Barbara Sherwood Lollar was one of two U of T faculty members recently named a University Professor - one of the highest honours bestowed by the university - recognizing her exceptional scholarly achievement and pre-eminence in the field of groundwater contamination and remediation processes.

Something To Do photo of apples

Enjoy farm-fresh food at U of T

The U of T Farmer's Market is back. Come out and meet local farmers and purchase some of the freshest food available. Wednesdays, starting July 7, 2:30pm - 5:30pm, in the Earth Sciences Building (5 Bancroft Avenue).

Carillon bell concerts at Soldiers' Tower

The University of Toronto is pleased to feature distinguished guest carillonneurs in concert at the Soldiers' Tower at Hart House in July. Seating will be set up at the base of the tower from 5:00pm - 6:00pm on Wednesday nights. After the recital, the Memorial Room in the tower will be open for visitors. These free concerts are a great opportunity to check out a piece of U of T's heritage.

Volunteer at SEC

Interested in promoting and educating others about safer sex practices and healthy sexual relationships? The Sexual Education and Peer Counselling Centre (SEC) wants you! SEC is looking for volunteers for 2010-2011. No experience in sex education or peer counselling is required - training will be provided.

For detailed listings of events and opportunities for students, be sure to check out Ulife at What are you doing after class?

Support Systems Upbeat blog logo

UpbeaT: your U of T student life blog

There are thousands of opportunities to get involved at U of T, but as you probably already know, finding out about them isn't always easy. The UpbeaT student life blog is written by students who have been there - they've managed to balance life inside and outside the classroom. Check in with them every week as they share what they and other students on the St. George campus are up to.

Where will you live in September?

Have you thought about where you are going to live come September? Now is the time to start! The friendly staff at the Student Housing Service can help you find a place, inform you on your rights as a tenant and help you find a roommate with the new online roommate finder service. Get started by dropping by the Student Housing Service for Suite your Style: Discover your Ideal Roommate on Saturday, July 17 between 11:00am and 2:00pm.

Better health for better grades

Your good health is one of the most important resources you have as you work to achieve your academic and personal goals. Student Health 101 is U of T's new health and wellness magazine where you will find all kinds of information and tips about how to stay healthy throughout the year. The summer issue is now online - check back in September for the fall issue.

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