Want to learn how to achieve academic success, explore your career options, develop healthy habits, and get involved on campus and in your community? Then Blueprint is definitely for you! Blueprint is an easy way to discover the opportunities available to you and start getting involved in campus life. You choose the eight workshops and the involvement activity that you feel will help you learn and develop the skills on which you will build your own experience at U of T.


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How to participate Taking part in Blueprint is easy and fun
Learning outcomes You’ll learn all about what U of T has to offer
Registration Register now for Blueprint!
Workshops Find out what workshops are currently offered
Involvement activity A listing of some involvement activities you may wish to explore
New Contest Fabulous February Finish Contest
Contact us If you’d like more information, contact us via email at blueprint@utoronto.ca

How to participate

  1. Register for the program. Once registered, you will be added to Blueprint’s Ultra-Helpful Weekly Email distribution list.
  2. Pick up a Blueprint card from the front desk of the Student Success Centre, located on the main floor of the Koffler Student Services Centre (214 College Street).
  3. Read the Ultra-Helpful Weekly Email, filled with upcoming workshops and involvement activity ideas, to choose the ones that best fit your schedule and your interests.
  4. Attend workshops and record your progress on your Blueprint card. But don’t forget to bring it with you!
  5. Participate in an involvement activity, whether it is joining a club or a team, becoming a volunteer, attending a conference, or getting involved in some other way.
  6. Write a short reflection (about a page or so) about what you learned from participating in the Blueprint program.
  7. Make an appointment to have your Blueprint card and written reflection reviewed and approved by sending an email to blueprint@utoronto.ca.
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Learning outcomes

In addition to the learning outcomes of the individual workshops, the Blueprint program is meant to help introduce you to U of T and its culture, to the many programs and services available to you, and to the wealth of opportunities for involvement, both on-campus and in the broader community.

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By registering, you will receive the Ultra-Helpful Weekly Email, filled with upcoming workshops and involvement activity ideas that will help you build your own experience.

Click here to register for the Blueprint program!


Blueprint is designed to fit your interests and your schedule. Using the upcoming workshop pages below as your guide, all you need to do is choose which workshops you wish to attend, register using the links provided, attend the session, and have the facilitator sign your Blueprint card at the end.

You will need to attend the required number of workshops in each of the learning areas – which adds up to eight workshops in total. For the Personal Interest workshop slot, you may select and record any workshop on any topic you wish (including extra workshops from the other learning areas).

Upcoming workshops:

You can also get the latest information on upcoming workshops in the Ultra-Helpful Weekly Email, which will be sent to your email address once you register for the program.

Involvement activity

In addition to the workshops described above, you will choose one involvement activity to participate in. You may want to join a club or a team, become a volunteer, attend a conference, or get involved in some other way. Whatever you choose, record the details of your participation in your Blueprint tracking card.

Here are some involvement activities you may wish to explore:

In addition to the involvement activities highlighted in the Ultra-Helpful Weekly Email and those listed above, you are welcome to submit your own. If there is an involvement activity you’d like to participate in, share it with us by sending an email to blueprint@utoronto.ca to make sure it meets the program requirements.

Fabulous February Finish Contest

That's right – if you complete your Blueprint tracking card between now and the end of February, you'll be entered to win some awesome prizes!

Prizes include: three $10 e-gift cards to Second Cup, one $25 e-gift card to Amazon.ca and a grand prize of a $50 shop! card for the Toronto Eaton Centre.

This contest is open to all University of Toronto students registered in the Blueprint program. To be eligible, you must have completed the program requirements outlined in your Blueprint tracking card, written your reflection, and have met with the program coordinator for your Blueprint Review by 5:00pm on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Any participants who have completed the program since September 5, 2017 will also be included in the draw.

To schedule your Blueprint Review, please e-mail the program coordinator at blueprint@utoronto.ca.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the program coordinator by email at blueprint@utoronto.ca.