Our student-driven teams are dedicated to improving the student experience and building community at the University of Toronto. Over 100 student leadership opportunities exist across these teams. 


Health promotions HealthyU Crew, Healthy Grads, Equity Movement, MoveU and more!
Community Crew A group of bloggers who know what it's like to live, work and study at U of T
Hart House Ambassadors Student team that generates, supports and implements innovative ideas to engage students in Hart House

Health promotions peer teams

Student Life and its partners across University of Toronto St. George offer a variety of peer teams dedicated to creating a healthier campus for all U of T students.

  • HealthyU Crew
  • Equity Movement
  • MoveU 
  • Leave The Pack Behind
  • Healthy Grads

Explore health promotions peer teams on HealthyUofT. 

Community Crew

The Student Life Community Crew is a group of bloggers who know what it's like to live, work and study at U of T. Each week, they share their own experiences with students as a reminder to get out there and discover U of T. Check out the Life at U of T blog or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, or Snapchat with us at LifeatUofT.

Hart House Ambassadors

Hart House Community Engagement Ambassadors generate, support and implement innovative ideas to engage students in the Hart House and University of Toronto community. This includes community outreach and engagement during Orientation month (September), and throughout the year in various locations on all three campuses. The Community Engagement Ambassadors have a particular focus on creating community within Hart House and beyond, on a tri-campus and wider community level. Visit the Hart House Ambassadors page (www.harthouse.ca), or follow the Ambassadors on instagram (www.instagram.com/hhstudents) or twitter (www.twitter.com/hhstudents) for more info!