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9 new things that you might not know

August is happening! Hello everyone! We're chuffed and puffed with the new look of your Nine New Things and we hope you find it as refreshing as we do!  Check out the summertime offerings to keep you cool, connected and energized. A dip in the pool perhaps? Let's make the most of the last month of summer!

August 2018 (volume 97)

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June 2018 (volume 95)

9 new things international students need to know

Summer isn't over yet! Take a look at the August offerings and let the motivation grab you! Ponder the achievements of U of T Alumni, express yourself with new friends, ramp up your interview skills and head out to find part-time work. Make August the month of intention and exploration!

August 2018 (volume 69)

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June 2018 (volume 67)