The Global Students' Network (GSN) is a group created in affiliation with the Centre for International Experience at the UTSG campus. 

The GSN aims to engage students with international experiences (such as international students or students interested in studying abroad), and to assist students with their transition to the international community. The GSN will provide a network for international student association heads, while hosting a number of events to help students build practical skills and thrive in the international community.


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The GSN provides various opportunities for all students to become involved in fostering community on campus in the following ways:

  • Connecting culturally- and internationally-themed groups on St. George Campus
  • Volunteering for CIE events and programs
  • Designing, implementing and assessing cultural, social, and academic events for international and exchange students
  • Fostering and strengthening intercultural dialogue on campus


If you are interested in participating in GSN (during the 2015-2016 academic year), please send an email with a brief statement of interest of no more than 400 words to gsn.uoft@gmail.com.

Be sure to include your previous experience working with student groups.