The ECP is designed for international students in credit courses at U of T who speak English as a second language. These are students who already have sufficient language skills, but would benefit from more conversation, writing or pronunciation practice. Classes are small and relaxed.


Position About the position
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About the position

The objectives are to enhance the participants’ understanding of Canadian culture and of life in Toronto and to get them more comfortable speaking, writing or pronouncing English.


While helping someone new to Canada better understand Canadian culture and feel more at ease speaking English, you will be broadening your own knowledge of other cultures and languages from around the world, as well as gaining valuable experience to put on your resumé.

Required skills

  • ECP Facilitators are volunteers who have teaching, cross-cultural, and/or international experience.
  • Fluent speaker of idiomatic English – that is, be comfortable with casual, everyday speech and expressions. English does not have to be your first language.
  • All ECP volunteers are given guides and sample materials.
    • The sample materials are guidelines and facilitators are welcome to apply their creativity and imagination to modify the sessions/plans, and even to design new and unique conversation activities. Your students will also have a great influence on the content of classes.


  • There are three ECP sessions throughout the year: fall, winter and summer. Classes are normally scheduled to begin the week following the start of regular academic classes
  • Most ECP classes are ten weeks long. Students meet once a week for two hours with their facilitator
  • We build the schedule to suit our volunteers’ timetables as well as with consideration for room availability. We host classes from Monday-Friday. They can begin as early as 10 a.m. and run as late as 7:30 p.m.


Please inquire with CIE for current information on opportunities (see below for contact).


For more information, please email global.lounge@utoronto.ca.