Search, Connect, Record

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official U of T document that recognizes your involvement as a significant part of your university experience.

Search for involvement opportunities using the CCR database. Connect your experiences to skills that employers and graduate schools look for. Record what you have done and receive an official University of Toronto document recognizing your experiences and activities.

Successful students get involved! Start searching the database for involvement opportunities now

Co-curricular Record approved stamp

For faculty and staff

Faculty and staff play a key role in facilitating students’ learning processes and helping them get recognition through their Co-Curricular Records. Learn about how you can help here.

CCR for Clubs and Student Organizations

Recognized clubs and groups are eligible to apply for Co-Curricular Record Validation!

The CCR will:

  • Help you advertise and promote your organization. You will be included in the CCR online directory.
  • Help you and your organization identify the skills you’ve developed.
  • Recognize your involvement on an official university record. 
  • Assist in the transition between this years executives and the next years. 

Find out more about CCR training!