Your Letter of Accommodation informs your course instructor(s) about your accommodations needs in the classroom so that they can better meet your needs. The Letter maintains confidentiality about the nature of your disability, but informs an instructor about a student’s relevant accommodations. For example, your instructor needs to know:

  • What accommodations you may need in class
  • To send a test to the Test and Exam Centre
  • To approve specific test and exam accommodations

Otherwise, your course instructor does not need to know your test and exam accommodations in order to perform their job, and so are not informed of these. Test and Exam Services staff and invigilators are given your test and exam accommodations so that they can perform their work.  

Students must be registered with Accessibility Services in order to receive their Letter of Accommodation. 

  1. Once you are registered, you can download the Letter of Accommodation. To view/download your letter(s), you must use Firefox or Internet Explorer v.11 and above web browsers.
  2. It is suggested that you provide your instructor with a copy of your Letter of Accommodation, as soon as possible, once it has become available. If you prefer, Accessibility Services can provide the Letter on your behalf. If you request that your Letter of Accommodation be sent to your course instructor(s) on your behalf, please provide your Accessibility Advisor with the name and contact information for each your course instructor to whom you would like the letter sent.

We've automated the Letter of Accommodation

Accessibility Services has developed an automated Letter of Accommodation to help you communicate your academic accommodation needs to your course instructor. The letter is an easy way to let them know you may need to make a request.  For students registered in professional programs or graduate programs: please check with your Registrar's office in order to direct your Letter of Accommodation to the most appropriate person.

The Letter is automated to allow you to print a hard copy to give to your course instructor or save and email the letter to your course instructors so that there can be better understanding of your needs.

A reminder that in order to access your Letter of Accommodations, you must have renewed your registration with Accessibility Services.  If you have not reactivated your accommodations for the term, please follow the accommodation renewal process.