How to ask for an extension on a term assignment

The impact of a disability may, at times, necessitate additional time to complete assignments.  If you are approved for this type of accommodation, your Letter of Accommodation will indicate this and provide your professor with the information needed to approve extensions up to one week on course work.  Download the Letter of Accommodation and submit the letter to your professor by delivering a printed copy or by email.


Extensions beyond one week

If you need a disability-related extension beyond one week after the assignment due date, you must complete the Extension Request Form (in Documents box at right) and submit it to your Accessibility Advisor in advance of the end of the originally negotiated extension. Note that the Extension Request Form can only be utilized prior to the end of the school term. If the term is completed, please see your registrar regarding submitting a petition for consideration of an extension on course work completion.

When submitting a petition for consideration of an extension due to disability reasons, contact your Accessibility Advisor to determine whether additional medical documentation should be submitted to Accessibility Services. If the petition is for non-disability related reasons, medical documentation (for example, Verification of Illness form) may be requested by your registrar. If you are unsure of what you should submit and who you should submit to, contact your registrar or Accessibility Advisor.