Get support in reaching your goals

Many students struggle with focus and procrastination, time management and goal setting. All of these can have a negative impact on your academic success, but making Study Hubs a frequent part of your plans can help! Join us to find support as you complete readings, work on assignments and prepare for tests and exams.

Academic Success has partnered with various groups across the St. George campus to support all of our diverse students’ needs. Everyone is welcome to join these supportive communities: we hope to see you there!


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How they work

After your class schedules settle, you can find Study Hubs occurring every week all around the St George campus. Find a community and meet with them at the times and places that works best for you. No registration is necessary! 

At the beginning of each session, a student peer mentor will help you set an achievable study goal for the next two hours. Whether you have regular homework, lots of readings, or a major upcoming project or test, setting SMART goals can be highly effective. Our mentors have useful academic resources on hand in case you need them.

Making the Study Hubs part of your regular week can help you find your focus and stay on track. Plus, attendance can count towards becoming a community contributor on the Co-Curricular Record once you attend six or more sessions and write a brief personal reflection. Why study alone when you can study with friends? You might be pleasantly surprised about how much you can get done in two hours of quiet study time!

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Schedule and locations: Winter 2020

The Study Hubs are back as of January 20 and will be running through the end of term. A full listing of Hubs can be found on CLNx, so please check them out. We hope you'll come join us!

Questions? Concerns?

If you have any questions about the Study Hubs, or would like to share any comments about your experience, contact Jonathan Vandor at