What we do

Student Life Communications acts as a boutique full-service communications agency
for the Division of Student Life Programs & Services, providing integrated support
focused on the following areas:

Communications Projects

Information Projects (web)

The Information Projects group provides strategic planning to ensure divisional and unit level web efforts are aligned with institutional goals, and to emphasize the planning required to develop complex systems.


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Who we are

The Student Life Communications team

  • Tony Bowman, Director, Student Life Communications
  • Cheryl Davison, Manager, Information Projects
  • Tricia Kenderdine, Manager, Communications Projects
  • Chantal Duchesne, Digital Analyst, Information Projects
  • Sarah Ryeland Etienne, Communications Officer, Writing
  • Haley Overland, Digital Communications Coordinator
  • Diana Scattolon, Student Life Officer
  • Febby Tan, Graphic Designer
  • Samantha Lizardo, Communications Assistant

What we offer

Strategic communications planning

Strategic communications planning involves the creation of a comprehensive communications plan for your project or program that identifies key messages, channels and distribution methods. We recommend this for larger projects or ongoing communication messages. Some examples include the Health & Wellness Centre merger, consent messaging and the CPP anniversary project.


Graphic design

To keep the Student Life brand and visual identity intact, we’ve added a full-time designer to our team. We’re able to design everything from postcards and flyers to large-scale banners and signage, program logos, online/digital graphics and more. Please contact us for all of your design needs no matter how big or small!


Print production

We have a centralized print budget for ALL printing being done in the division. When we print items together, we can get better rates and see considerable cost savings for the division. Please send all print requests through the communications request form. This includes workshop handouts as well as requests for printing banners, swag, t-shirts or other promotional items.



It’s important that all of our written communications are clear, concise and represent the tone and voice of the Division of Student Life. To ensure consistency, we now offer centralized writing/copyediting services. This includes everything from writing copy for a poster or flyer, to website copy. We can also write articles for publication on websites or in various media, such as the U of T Bulletin Brief. Please contact us for all of your writing needs.



We have a high-quality DLSR Camera and staff who can use it, so please contact us with your photography requests. Our resources are limited, but please let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request! We also have a small budget for professional photography at high profile events.



We have a small budget allocated for divisional video production. If you have an idea for a video project, please contact us.


Outreach event logistics

We can help you create a plan for your outreach events. Please contact us for more information.

Digital communications

  • Social media:

We’ve had great success with the centralized U of T Student Life social media accounts, where we provide promotion of your events or programs. We can also develop social media campaigns for your department. Some examples of current campaigns are: #ASKmeUofT, exchange promotions (#CIEUofT, #goabroadUofT), Mental Wellness Month (#bewellUofT) and Housing Services (#HousingHacks). We work with you to develop content on a particular theme, compose posts and graphics and create a schedule for delivery. Responses to posts are always moderated and questions answered in a timely manner.

  • e-Newsletters:

We have a divisional account with MailChimp – software that allows you to easily create and send more engaging e-newsletters. We’ll work with you to develop templates that align with Student Life branding and the website and meet AODA requirements. We also manage several e-newsletters that can be used to communicate your messages. The Nine New Things e-newsletter is distributed weekly to all students highlighting Student Life events and programs, and Nine New Things for International Students is distributed to all international students. To have your item included in one of these e-newsletters, please place a promotions request. Note: Due to high volume, not all requests can be accommodated.

  • Digital display slides:

In addition to creating visually appealing and effective digital display slides, we can help you get them up across campus. We have relationships with many offices across campus, including the Faculty of Arts & Science and the libraries. We also manage the Just in Time Slides displayed in Convocation Hall. Note: Due to high volume, not all requests can be accommodated. For digital display slides, please place a graphic design request.


Website maintenance

We ensure accessibility, consistency of tone and voice, accuracy and readability of the Student Life website. All updates, changes and additions to the website are managed through the Communications Team. Please complete a Website request.


For units outside of Student Life Programs & Services

We can help promote University of Toronto events and programs via our digital display screens, e-newsletters and social media. We also offer strategic planning assistance on a case-by-case basis. Please place a communications request.


Anything else?

Whatever your communications needs, please contact us through the communications request form. We’re happy to help!

Submit a Communications Request

Requests are placed through inMotion Ignite, a workflow management system used to streamline to work of the Communications Team. InMotion Ignite provides an online request system, project management and a review environment, where you will be able to review all of your materials and provide feedback online. Completing a request form ensures we have all of the information we need to process your project and that we can do so in a timely manner and priority sequence.

In order to use the system you will need a login and password. If you need to set up an account, please contact Tricia Kenderdine at t.kenderdine@utoronto.ca.

Recognized University of Toronto student groups that would like to request an event be included in the Nine New Things e-newsletter should contact Campus Organization Services at groups.officer@utoronto.ca. Please note that not all requests can be accommodated.

More information and instructions on placing an InMotion Ignite request.