The University of Toronto is offering several Academic Community-Engaged Learning courses for 2018-2019. 


St. George (UTSG) Community engaged learning courses 2018-2019
Mississauga (UTM) Community engaged learning courses 2018-2019
Scarborough (UTSC) Community engaged learning courses 2018-2019

St. George (UTSG)

Fall 2018

NEW342F – Theory and Praxis in Food Security

HMB473H1 – Exercise and Mental Health

PCL389H1 – The Role of Pharmacology & Toxicology in Society


Winter 2019 

PRT423H1 – Portuguese in the Work Context

CTL5701HS – Exploring the Theory and Practice of Community-Engaged Learning

PCJ362H1 – Service Learning

CRI386H1 – Origins of Criminal Justice Policy

INS460H1 – Indigenous Theory, Research, and Methods

HMB440H1 – Dementia

INI236H1 – Introduction to Urban Studies

ESC102S – Engineering Science Praxis II

Full Year:  Fall 2018 to Winter 2019             

INI437Y1 – Urban Experiential Learning in Toronto and the GTA

SLA320Y1 – Advanced Russian

NEW214Y – Socially Engaged Buddhism

CPPH (MD) – Health in Community

NEW232Y – Buddhist Psychology: Theories and Applications

SPA320Y1 – Advanced Spanish

CDN435Y – Canadian Citizenship

NEW495Y – Independent Community-Engaged Learning seminar

NEW497Y – Independent Community-Engaged Research

Mississauga (UTM)

Full Year: Fall 2018 to Winter 2019 

BIO210Y – Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology

SOC480Y5 – Internship in Sociology, Criminology, Law and Society

WGS435Y5 – Women and Gender Studies Practicum

Scarborough (UTSC)

Fall 2018 

WSTC02H3 – Feminist Qualitative Research in Action

HISD44H3 – Nearby History: The Method and Practice of Local History

CTLB03H3 – Introduction to Service Learning

Winter 2019 

ANTD20H3 – Culture and Community

WSTD10H3 – Story Telling and Social Change  

CITC02H3 – Learning in Community Service