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CTL Community engaged learning courses at Centre for Teaching &Learning
City Studies Community engaged learning courses in City Studies
Health Studies Community engaged learning courses in Human BiologyHealth Studies
Sociology Community engaged learning courses in Sociology

Introduction to Service Learning

Course code: CTLB03H3  

Description: In this experiential learning course, students apply discipline-specific academic concepts as they work with community partners in the service of others. Working either within the academic community or with a discipline-related off-campus community partner, students develop problem-solving, professional communication, and self-reflective learning skills.

Instructor: J. Patterson

Urban Communities and Neighbourhoods Case Study: East Scarborough

Course code: CITC01H3

Description: This course engages students in a case study of some of the issues facing urban communities and neighbourhoods today. Students will develop both community-based and academic research skills by conducting research projects in co-operation with local residents and businesses, non-profit organizations, and government actors and agencies. 

Instructor: M. Allahwala

Learning in Community Service

Course code: CITC02H3

Description: This will be a service learning course based in Scarborough communities in which students learn about community issues first-hand by volunteering for community based organizations. Student evaluation will be based on completion of volunteer hours and grading of student journals that will: 1. Describe the service work, and 2. Reflect on the service work and relate it to lectures and required readings.

Instructor: S. Bunce

Health Research Seminar

Course code: HLTD02H3

Description: Provides senior students with the opportunity to apply methodological skills to a health research problem. Students will give presentations of their research proposals, and there may be a guest seminar on health research projects.

Instructor: M. Silver

Immigrant Scarborough

Course code: SOCD21H3 

Description: This course will teach students how to conduct in-depth, community-based research on the social, political, cultural and economic lives of immigrants. Students will learn how to conduct qualitative research including participant observation, semi-structured interviews and focus groups. Students will also gain valuable experience linking hands-on research to theoretical debates about migration, transnationalism and multicultural communities. Check the department website for details at:

Instructor: P. Villegas Jimenez