This series of 7 webinars is for the student who cannot attend a Safety Abroad Workshop in person. After viewing all webinars, completion of an online test is required to validate your paritcipation in the webinars. 

A reminder that all students going abroad on a University of Toronto opportunity must complete: 

If you have any questions about the webinars, extra resources or how our office can help, please contact us


Safety Abroad Webinars

  • Emergencies Abroad covers what it means to choose an emergency contact, issues of sexual harassment, different types of emergency situations and who to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Health Insurance covers the importance of health insurance while you are abroad, how to research what you need, things to consider before you go and the steps to take if you are not well overseas. 
  • Logistics covers logistics while you are abroad, this includes topics like food and drink, transportation and packing.
  • Mental Health & Wellness covers cover health and wellness overseas, more specifically, before you go, while you are there, 5 ways to build wellness and crisis or emergency situations.
  • Money Matters and Theft covers accessing money and theft prevention while you are abroad.
  • Passports travel documents while you are abroad. We will be talking about the requirements for travel, tips for important documents and how to replace important documents. If you are not a Canadian citizen, contact your own country to get more specific information about travel documents. 
  • Personal Safety covers  questions you may want to ask before you go, ways to prepare before you depart, while you are abroad and when you need support.
  • Test your knowledge!  If you successfully pass the test your email will be forwarded to our office and we will complete your registration with the Safety Abroad Office. The purpose of testing your knowledge is to ensure that all webinars have been reviewed.