The Safety Abroad Office works with students, staff and faculty to minimize risk by:

  • Providing Safety Abroad Workshops
  • Monitoring international security situations
  • Assisting students with emergencies abroad
  • Offering a 24-hour emergency line

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Alert - Travel to US - updated March 7, 2017

The Safety Abroad Office is continuing to closely monitor travel restrictions impacting persons holding passports from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen set to be imposed by the United States on March 16th, 2017. Please continue reading for details about this US Travel Alert.

Safety Abroad Officer


Safety Abroad A shared responsibility for students and activity sponsors
Safety Strategy To mitigate and manage risk, the SAO has a three-part strategy: mitigate, support and repatriate

Safety abroad guidelines and framework

The Office is here to ensure that students, staff and anyone involved in sending students abroad are familiar with theSafety Abroad Guidelines, which fall under the Framework for Off-Campus Safety. The Framework applies to all academic and non-academic activities held off the premises of the University but organized or sponsored by the University of Toronto or any of its divisions.  Activities are considered to be sponsored by the institution when participants are conducting research or gaining credit, obtaining funding for their time abroad, or if the activity is sanctioned by the University. 

The guidelines are a shared responsibility with which all students and activity sponsors are required to comply. Failure to comply with the necessary procedures may result in withdrawal of emergency support, funding or academic credit. Please review the information for students or information for staff and faculty and ensure that you are covering your responsibilities.

Our Strategy

To effectively mitigate and manage risk the Safety Abroad Office has a three-part strategy: mitigate, support and repatriate.


To mitigate risk we offer students Safety Abroad Workshops that provide a comprehensive review of foreseeable risks associated with travel, as well as engage in dialogue with the students so that they can develop their own risk mitigation strategies. Over 90% of students surveyed said they found the workshops highly engaging and helpful.


To support students while they are abroad, the SAO regularly reviews security reports from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD)  to ensure that we can communicate important updates to students. During travel students can also access our 24-hour emergency line via campus police to report any personal emergencies that they may be facing.


When students come back to Canada, the Safety Abroad Office offers debrief sessions. We also run a re-entry conference in collaboration with Ryerson University and York University. Students who are having challenges adjusting back to life in Canada can also contact SAO for further supports and referrals including to Health & Wellness.