All graduate students need leadership competencies to run effective group processes in research groups, committee meetings and the classroom. Clubs and Leadership Development (CLD) is offering a series of workshops to help graduate students apply leadership theories to their everyday lives.

We encourage all graduate students to read more about this program and learn how they can strengthen their skills in group facilitation, collaborative visioning, organizational communication and reflective practices.


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How it works

Over the course of the academic year, graduate students have the choice of attending unique workshops which are specially tailored to the needs and interests of graduate students at U of T.

Students can gain CCR accreditation for the completion of any three workshops. We encourage participants to take workshops that best suit their needs and passions. These workshops are open to all students, and are geared towards graduate students.

Note: There is a maximum capacity for workshops, so please ensure that if you sign up for a workshop you attend (so you do not take a space away from someone else). If there is low registration, some workshops may be cancelled or condensed in time. You will be given at least 48 hours notice if this happens. 



Workshop offerings

Registration now for Fall 2018 workshops! 

We have tailored several skills-development workshops to fulfill the needs and interests of graduate students at U of T. These workshops are open to all graduate students throughout the academic year.

You can register for any of these workshops on the student life calendar available on the CLNx

Group Dynamics & Leadership: What Makes a Good Leader?

Join us in this session to explore the concept of leadership as connected to group dynamics, leadership theories and your own personal experiences. Discover how views on leadership have evolved and how modern leadership theory and practice impacts you in a personal and professional context. You will also learn how to apply leadership theories in your daily life.


Collaborative Visioning

Shared visions provide the foundation for collaboration, growth and change. Experience the process of “visioning” as an important step toward achieving both your own and your team’s goals and aspirations. We will be sharing techniques for long and short-term goal-setting so you can learn practical strategies for developing a shared vision for your life, your leadership and your team. 


Identifying Transferable Skills (Masters, PhDs & PDFs)

You have developed essential skills through your academic, professional and co-curricular experiences. In this workshop you will learn how to recognize and articulate these competencies, and how to identify future opportunities to demonstrate or enhance your skills. 

Run in conjunction with Career Exploration and Education. 

Organizational Communication: Exploring Leadership & Management

How is the communication process affected by the structure of an organization? In this session, we will explore how formal and informal communication can influence relationships and a sense of agency within a group or team.  We will look at how downward, upward and horizontal communication is connected to leadership and management styles. You will gain insight by asking yourself more thoughtful questions: 

  • How can I communicate more effectively in my organization?
  • How does my role and social location influence the flow of information and team productivity?
  • How can I be a more clear and conscious communicator?


Making Meaning of Your Leadership Journey

How often do you intentionally reflect on the success or effectiveness and impact of a meeting, event, program or lecture ? Join us in learning the value of reflection, practice reflection activities and strategize ways to include reflection in your life. Further, you will be able to reflect on your own leadership journey and understand where your path may lead you after this session. 


Feeling like a Fraud: Imposter Syndrome 

Graduate students frequently question their competencies, abilities and accomplishments in research and teaching. This questioning causes many graduate students to feel like impostors in academia. This workshop aims to break down impostor syndrome, as well as provide tools on how to manage feelings of “impostorness”.


Facilitating a Team

Learn about your role as a group facilitator and the impact you can have your group's dynamics. In this interactive workshop, we will examine, discuss and reflect on strategies to encourage individual participation and engagement. You will learn the essential skills, tools and techniques to become a successful facilitator!

Leadership for Grads FULL Day

Want to spend a full day getting three of your workshops completed?

Spend time at Grad FULL Day! You have the options to sign up for the whole day or for individual workshops. 

Note: Lunch will be provided for students registered for the full day workshop.​

When: Thursday, August 16th from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 
Where: Cumberland Room, CIE (Centre for International Experience, 33 St. George St)

Workshops offered at the full day Grad Workshops:

  • Group Dynamics & Leadership: What Makes a Good Leader
  • Feeling like a Fraud: Imposter Syndrome
  • Collaborative Visioning 

Registration is now closed.  Please check back for more details on Winter 2019 Grad Full Day Event. 


Custom workshops

If you have a group of students who would like a custom workshop, you can read more about customized training and fill out a request form.



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