A program for emerging leaders

Want to develop your leadership skills and make connections on campus? This program is for you!

Join us for a series of workshops that will encourage you to build your personal philosophy of leadership and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others and community. Upon completion of the program, students will earn Co-Curricular Record (CCR) recognition.


Overview Find out more about the workshops offered
Eligibility Open to all ALL students at the University of Toronto
How it works Read below to find out how you can incorporate this program into your daily schedule
Dates & registration Decide when Learning to Lead fits into your schedule
Contact us If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at leadership@utoronto.ca


Learning to Lead offers a variety of workshops that cover many topics such as:

  • What is Leadership?
  • Goal Setting & Reflection
  • Exploring Leadership & Passions
  • Transformation through Visioning
  • Refining Your Skills: Group Dynamics
  • And more….

View all Learning to Lead workshops for 2019-2020.


  • U of T undergraduate students from any college or faculty interested in getting more involved in the campus community and developing their leadership skills.
  • Students who are interested in applying for any type of peer mentor or leadership position on campus.

How it works

Attend any five of the Learning to Lead workshops that work within your daily schedule. If you complete five workshops within one academic year (fall/winter semesters), you will have Learning to Lead annotated on your CCR. 

Note: There is a maximum capacity for workshops, so please ensure that you attend all workshops you sign up for to avoid taking spaces from other students. If there is low registration some workshops may be cancelled. You will be given at least 48 hours notice if this happens. Thank you for your understanding.

What to expect: Each workshop is different, but all workshops focus on experiential learning (group engagement, connecting with others and individual reflection).

Want to know more? Feel free to connect with us at leadership@utoronto.ca.

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Dates & registration

Decide when Learning to Lead fits into your schedule. Register for at least five sessions between fall 2019 and spring 2020 to earn CCR recognition.

Please log in to CLNx before selecting any of the workshops below. 


January 7, 2020: Creating an Inclusive Environment 

January 7, 2020: Mentoring and Coaching Conversations 

January 8, 2020: What is Leadership? 

January 15, 2020: Creating an Inclusive Environment

January 15, 2020: Mentoring and Coaching Conversations

January 16, 2020: Refining Your Skills - Group Dynamics

January 17, 2020: Know Your Skills

January 23, 2020: Communication and Conflict Resolution

January 24, 2020: Exploring Meaningful Work  

January 28, 2020: Intercultural Communication

January 29, 2020: Know Your Skills

January 29, 2020: Equity 101

January 30, 2020: Effective Feedback


February 4, 2020: Exploring Leadership & Passions 

February 10, 2020: Creating an Inclusive Environment

February 10, 2020: Mentoring and Coaching Conversations 

February 11, 2020: Exploring Meaningful Work

February 11, 2020: Refining Your Facilitation Skills 

February 12, 2020: Intercultural Communication 

February 19, 2020: Creating an Inclusive Environment

February 19, 2020: Mentoring and Coaching Conversations

February 28, 2020: Goal Setting & Reflection


March 6, 2020: Know Your Skills 

March 11, 2020: Introverted Leadership

March 13, 2020: Exploring Meaningful Work

March 20, 2020: Intercultural Communication

March 23, 2020: Know Your Skills

March 24, 2020: Transformation through Visioning


April 6, 2020: Exploring Meaningful Work

April 23, 2020: Know Your Skills


Learning to Lead Full Day

Want to earn 4 out of your 5 Learning to Lead workshops in one day? Join us for the Learning to Lead Full Day event! Attend the full day or choose from an offering of 4 workshops.

Lunch is included for those who register for the full day!

Date: Saturday, February 1, 2020

Time: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Location: OISE, Room OI 8220

Workshops offered:

Register on the CLNx at the links above. To register for the full day of workshops, you will need to register for all 4 workshops separately.

If you have questions, please email leadership@utoronto.ca.

Contact us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at leadership@utoronto.ca. We look forward to seeing you at a workshop!