Application for Campus Group Office Space (UTSG)

Please read about the requirements, eligibility and timeline for this application before applying.  Any information can be found at:

This application and all supporting documents must be submitted by March 5, 2018 at 5 p.m. Applications will not be accepted by email, and late applications will not be considered.​

SECTION 1: Ulead Points

In order to be eligible to apply for office space, your group must have earned 6 Ulead points in the 2017-2018 academic year (summer 2017 workshops are eligible). There are no exceptions to this requirement! Your group must have at least one point from each of the Ulead colour categories (Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow) compelted by a minimum of 2 people. If your group has not earned 6 Ulead points this year, please do not apply.

Ulead runs until March 30, 2018, if your group is planning to attend workshops throughout March please note you must be registered for the workshops at the time of the application deadline (March 5, 2018). Workshops may be cancelled due to low registration or facilitator illness, therefore it is important to plan effectively and not leave workshops until the last minute.

SECTION 2: Group Contact Information
SECTION 3: Basic Group Information
Please format it as such: 60 of 100 are U of T Student Members + 30 of 100 are U of T Community (staff, faculty, alumni) Members + 10 of 100 are Non-U of T members (i.e. Off-Campus Members) = 100 Total Number of Members (includes U of T members and Non-U of T members)
Please list the Position (ie: President), Leader’s Name (ie: First, Last) and Term of Office
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: xls xlsx.
SECTION 4: Mandate & Outreach
SECTION 5: Need for Office Space
SECTION 6: Group Activities and Events
Please include the information in the following format: Name & Description of Activity |Type of Activity (social, academic, etc) | Date of Activity |Number of Participants
SECTION 7: Goals & Vision

Examples of the goals can be seen on our Occupancy Goal Menu.