Academic programs

The University of Toronto offers several academic programs focussing on issues of interest to Aboriginal students.

The Centre for Indigenous Initiatives hosts the Indigenous Studies Program, the Indigenous Language Initiative and Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE). There is also the Aboriginal Education Program (OISE/UT) and the Collaborative Program in Aboriginal Health (CPAH).

Centre for Indigenous Studies

Under the Faculty of Arts & Science, the Centre for Indigenous Studies (CIS) houses academic and community programs that foster innovative, participatory research with urban Aboriginal peoples and develops collaborations with Aboriginal communities and community organizations. The CAI hosts the following initiatives:


Indigenous Studies Program

Indigenous Studies focuses on the languages, cultures, histories, arts, creativity, knowledge and well-being of Indigenous peoples within Canada and worldwide.

The program teaches critical analysis and logical and creative thinking, and is concerned with the re-conceptualization of knowledge, requiring its students to examine their own knowledge and experiences from different perspectives. The program strives to fit the needs of all students, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.


Indigenous Language Initiative (Ciimaan/Kahuwe’yá/Qajaq)

The Centre for Indigenous Studies' Indigenous Language Initiative (Ciimaan/Kahuwe’yá/Qajaq) supports the University of Toronto community in the study and everyday use of Indigenous languages. It provides space, programming and support to language learners and speakers within the Aboriginal Studies Program, the University of Toronto and the broader community.


Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE)

SAGE is a peer-based cross-university educational initiative that builds community networks, provides ongoing support and increases the number of Doctoral and Masters credentialed Aboriginal scholars across Ontario.

Aboriginal Education Program

The Indigenous Education Network (IEN) is the OISE-wide forum for students and faculty to work together on shared research and teaching interests.

The Adult Education and Community Development program, along with the departments of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, and Social Justice Education, collaborate in this interdepartmental research area and in the development of Aboriginal Education studies. The IEN and the Aboriginal Student Caucus offices are located in the department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education.

For more information, contact Jean-Paul Restoule at 416-978-0806 or

Collaborative Program in Aboriginal Health

The Collaborative Program in Aboriginal Health involves graduate units in the Faculties of Medicine, Nursing and OISE/UT, and is in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts & Science's Indigenous Studies Program.

The program provides training in Aboriginal health research and practice for graduate students at the University of Toronto, while enhancing mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal communities and organizations.

Awards and research allowances

Graduate students involved with Aboriginal health research can access awards and research allowances to graduate students through the Indigenous Health Research Development Program (IHRDP). 

For more information, go to or contact Amanda Sheppard, CPAH Program Coordinator at or 416-978-0298.