Welcome to the new Health & Wellness Centre St. George campus

On September 8th, the new Health & Wellness Centre began offering University of Toronto students a single point of entry for access to all services previously offered through Health Services and Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Feedback from students over the years and best clinical practices have prompted us to rethink the way health and mental health services are provided at the St. George campus. 

All students needing physical or mental health care, travel medicine, immunizations, nutritional care, family planning or gynecological care, first aid and other services will find referrals in one space – staying on track with their current health care plan and getting new services that meet their needs.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness planning,” says Janine Robb, Executive Director of Health & Wellness at the University of Toronto. “With all our staff in one clinic, the team can work together to provide a continuum of care that matches each student’s unique need.”

Through this single entry point, the new Health & Wellness Centre provides a clear pathway to individualized care. At their first appointment, students will be assessed by nursing staff or a family physician and referred according to their needs – ensuring that each student receives the right care at the right time with the right wellness professional, program or service. 

"With the entire health care team working together, we can adapt a student's care plan to suit their needs and give them the right services at the right time," says Andrea Levinson, Psychiatrist-in-Chief in Health & Wellness at U of T.  "We'll be listening to their story and assessing their concerns from the very first visit.  That way, we can follow up and fine-tune our support to be as dynamic as their health care needs are."

The Health & Wellness Centre is located on the second floor of the Koffler Student Services Centre at 214 College Street (use the St. George Street entrance).   Visit Contact Us for Centre hours and contact information.


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FAQs for University of Toronto Students

Why merge Health Services & CAPS into one integrated Health & Wellness Centre?

The integration of services at the Health and Wellness Centre is a direct response to the Mental Health Framework, student feedback and best practices to ensure students have quicker, direct access to health and mental health services.

As noted in the Mental Health Framework, “student feedback indicated a strong desire and need for systems that would enable students to move seamlessly among services, thereby avoiding delays in accessing essential support at critical times” and that “enhancing coordination, collaboration and communication across services and systems on and off campus is critically important to meeting the needs of students.”

Records show that fifty per cent of students who access services through the former CAPS also received care through our Health Services. To therefore ensure care is harmonized, we are taking a team-based, collaborative care approach which allows staff to provide coordinated, integrated and responsive care for students with a focus on wellness, not just “illness.”  

What will be different in the way services are delivered?
There is now only one reception area on the second floor at Koffler Student Services Centre, from which you can access all services offered at our Health & Wellness Centre. Multiple access points have been confusing for students and staff/faculty, and our “one door” approach will simplify the pathway to care, will reduce fractured care and will provide ongoing monitoring. Taking a holistic approach, family physicians will assess your needs, consider your overall well-being and, as necessary, connect you to the best matched service.    

What types of services are available?
All services previously available in Health Services and CAPS are available but offered in a more coordinated and integrated fashion. If you need physical or mental health care, travel medicine, immunizations, nutritional care, family planning or gynecological care, first aid and other services, you will find referrals in one space. When the Health & Wellness Centre cannot provide the service, you will be referred to community providers.

How do I access the Health & Wellness Centre services?
You can book your initial appointment phone (416-978-8030), web or in person. All our services will be accessed through this one single access point located on the second floor reception at the Koffler Student Centre, where you will be assessed and receive interdisciplinary care based on your needs.

If I have a mental health concern, why do I need to see a family physician?
A number of mental health challenges have a physical basis that needs to be explored or treated before a specialized referral can be made. Meeting initially with a physician or nurse allows for a diagnosis and treatment of any underlying physical causes of mental health issues.

What if I already have a physician or specialist in the outside community? Can I still access services from the Health & Wellness Centre?
Yes. Health & Wellness Centre services are available to you whether you have an outside healthcare provider or not.

If you have a community-based physician or specialist, we encourage you to inform Health & Wellness Centre staff at the time of your initial appointment to enable Health & Wellness staff to partner with your community healthcare provider to deliver a coordinated continuity of care that meets your needs.

What if I am already working with a specialist on campus? Do I need to be re-evaluated by a physician at the Health & Wellness Centre?
No. If you currently have a regularly scheduled appointment with a specialist on campus, you do not need to return to the Health & Wellness Centre to be referred back to your specialist. There is no change in your routine.

If you have not seen your on-campus specialist for some time, it is important that you make a new appointment at the Health & Wellness Centre so that our healthcare staff can evaluate your current needs.

Will the new Health & Wellness Centre help reduce wait times for services?

YES! Under our new integrated, team-based approach, students will have their first appointment with a physician or nurse who will be able to refer a student directly to a specialist as needed without further consultation.