In February, second- and third-year undergrads and select graduate students (Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) will be invited to participate in pilot of the Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey. Developed by researchers and practitioners from Canadian universities and colleges, this new survey helps Canadian post-secondary institutions better support student health and wellbeing.

The survey will take students 20 minutes to complete and covers nine core sections related to student health and wellbeing, including mental health assets, mental health deficits, student experience, health service utilization, physical health, academic achievement, substance use, nutrition and sexual health behaviour.

For more information:

Jeff Burrow, Manager: Assessment & Analysis, Student Life
Help us create a healthier campus. Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey


In appreciation for participating, we will enter all students who complete the survey into a draw for one of the following prizes:

  • five, $100 Uber Eats gift certificates
  • five, $100 Presto gift cards
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CCWS leads to change

This is the first time that the CCWS has been used at U of T, but previous Health & Wellness surveys have supported:

Similar reports

Reports from previous National College Health Assessment surveys can be found on the Vice-Provost, Students website.

CCWS posters and slides

Securing a high rate of response on this survey is critical, both to ensure that the results are accurate and so that we can break down the data by campus, faculty, college and program of study. 

Here are some things you can do to help promote the survey. All materials in the list below are available for download in the documents box on your right:

  • Posters: Printed copies will be distributed by campus mail. If you require additional printed copies, please contact Tricia Kenderdine at
  • Digital display slides: If you require a specific size for a digital display, please contact Tricia Kenderdine at
  • Newsletters: Please add information about CCWS to any newsletters or listservs you have. We can’t email groups directly about the survey, but we can add information about existing communications.
  • Social media: There will be a social media campaign using the hashtag #listenUT. Wherever possible and appropriate, please retweet and post these to your unit’s social media channels.