Being Authentic is a 4-week arts-based program, designed to deepen self-knowledge and reflection for students exploring questions of identity, meaning, purpose and spiritual-well-being. The program uses a variety of artistic mediums: movement, storytelling, theatre, visual art and creative writing, alongside breath-work meditation, appreciative inquiry, self-affirmations and reflective discussion. We will do this while cultivating a space of acceptance, trust, affirmation and respect for our diverse life paths and traditions. We welcome students from all faiths, cultures, racialized identities, abilities, sexualities, genders and perspectives to participate.

Thursdays, 4 - 5 p.m.

September 29, October 6, 13 & 20

Main Activity Hall, 2nd Floor, Multi-Faith Centre

569 Spadina Avenue (Entrance on Bancroft Avenue)

Registered students are expected to attend all four sessions.

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Week 1 Anchoring myself
Week 2 Defining what "being authentic" means to me
Week 3 Visioning my life of purpose
Week 4 Letting go
Meet the facilitator Rehana Tejpar is a mother, dance-theatre artist, facilitator, director, and playwright

Week 1: Anchoring myself


  • Building trust and community
  • Tuning in to body wisdom and connecting to self knowledge
  • Identifying, practicing and sharing self-anchoring strategies

Artistic Modalities: Movement, storytelling

Week 2: Defining what "being authentic" means to me


  • Exploring our life journey through The River of Life drawing activity
  • Reflect upon our own life experiences of being authentic and what conditions created that possibility

Artistic Modalities: Visual art

Week 3: Visioning my life of purpose


  • Creating a compelling vision for my life
  • Exploring who I need to be in order to make my vision a reality

Artistic Modalities: Visualization, Creative writing

Week 4: Letting go


  • Exploring what is holding me back from achieving my vision
  • Dispelling limiting belief systems
  • Reflecting on insights from the program and what it means to live authentically

Artistic Modalities: Image theatre, Creative Writing

Meet the facilitator

Rehana Tejpar is an artist-facilitator who has been designing and leading artful popular education programs with children, youth and adults for the past 15 years in Toronto, Kenya and India. Currently serving as the National Facilitator for the Catherine Donnelly Foundations Women-Led, Righting Relations Adult Education for Social Change Program, Rehana is passionate about the power of the arts, healing and conversation for developing new ways of being in the world. As a dancer and theatre artist, Rehana facilitates storytelling through creative movement and theatre, using InterPlay and Theatre of the Oppressed, inviting people to tell their own stories, tap into their body wisdom, and re-imagine their worlds through performance. Much of her work has been designing and facilitating transformative learning spaces with young people and particularly young women of Colour in various low-income urban communities. She has worked in partnership with Artscape Regent Park, Lost Lyrics (Jane/Finch/Malvern), UrbanArts Weston Mt Dennis), Rexdale YMCA, Lawrence Heights Community Centre, The Childrens Peace Theatre, Carolina for Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya) and Shikshantar (India). Rehana is currently working with Artscape Daniels Spectrum as the Productions Manager for The Journey: A Living History of Revitalization of Regent Park, a musical theatre production engaging resident emerging youth artists and established artists, telling stories of the massive changes currently taking place in Regent Park.

Photo of Rehana